Session 103: You.

The party spends some time investigating the haul from Machtig.

The book is the ancient-est, evil-est book around. Or one of them. And also it literally eats through everything. It rots wood, turns stone to dust, withers cloth. It’s a pretty bad book. They bind it in the bag of holding.

The armor is pretty neat. Cursed for sure, but also pretty neat. It’s draconic armor, basically. Resistance to acid, and can sense the nearest dragon.

The sword… phooey. Whoosh touches it and is swallowed by miasma, dolly zoomed out of the room. He’s face to face with a giant skeletal face. It just breathes out the word “You…

He has trouble relaying this information, but the party eventually discerns that the sword is one that houses the last fragment of Nerull, the god of murder and death, before the Raven Queen and Vecna overthrew him.

Now it’s Whoosh’s. He spends some time getting used to it, before putting it also into the bag of holding.

Then they speak with Machtig’s corpse.

  • Did you serve willingly? No
    *Where did you get this sword? I don’t know
    *What was your last memory? Being risen, “Richter had failed”
    *how do we get into zeiram’s realm Well I had to die, so…
    *what do you want us to do with your body? Burn it, please, as befits an officer of the empire

It seems he wasn’t raised willingly, and didn’t know anything about it. While some of the undead seem to retain personality, some obviously don’t. No knowing for sure what the connection is.

They all sleep well that night, except Whoosh. Who has another dream of being swallowed by a black hole of bodies.


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