Session 105: City Daze

Rimay – Halfling “pirate-y” head of tent 67
BReastplate, shield (order from father-son blacksmith)
Torinn pays 1051 for crystal, yellow crystal, and glass cube
100 gold medical supplies to refugee
Furtha, angry, orphan
Ulgrim, 165 gold for shortbow, longbow, khopesh, longsword, daggers
Kahma on Naramunz dispute

Ulgrim: founded the Ulgrim Raiders. (Fyrtha, Leesam, Angor)

Torinn: Went spyin’ on Kahma and Fake Vosk.

Adhara & Tharious: Helped out a Rimay (halfling) at refugee tent 67. Encountered my favorite new merchant.

Emon: Did Emon things.

Whoosh: Made a bower.


ZacharyGallagher ZacharyGallagher

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