Session 3: The Heroes of Glantre

Soveliss's Summer Love

The scene opens facing the Wight. The undead menace is a tough fight, draining the life of nearby enemies, though Zaheer deftly doges two attacks in a row, the slippery monk he is. The elven guards of Glantre deliver the finishing blow.

Aashir recovers the dagger and they proceed the the previously magically-sealed hatch. Inside they find Lejerdy, who had been kidnapped and used for his knowledge of local texts.

Heading back outside, they pass the library, which is clearly still possessed. Lejerdy uses a spell to reveal the magical darkness, and see swirling haunted spirits flying around. They attempt to destroy the book as it pulls toward the darkness and clearly is the cause of this corruption. The book appears invulnerable until Soveliss comes up with the idea that the corrupted dagger may be able to destroy the book. And if not, Lerjerdy is sure there would be a ritual in that book to close the portal if needs be.

Aashir protests, but agrees. Though not before taking a quick peak. The book nearly possesses him, too, but through great and repeated effort, the party is able to knock the book out of his hands.

Unable to control himself, Frozire snatches up the book, but resists its charm. Instead he throws the book into the darkness.

The library explodes into a giant swirling vortex of death. A giant wight is unleashed, and the vines of the spirit of the forest assault the fiend. This, however, appears to have been the plan. The wight corrupts the power of the Guardian, instead beginning to turn it black.

Soveliess and Selim quickly act, stabbing the book through with dagger. The book shrivels and screams and disappears, the portal closes, the skeletons it birthed disappear, the wight shreaks and vanishes, and the guardian is returned to normal. And the city is ecstatic. They’re granted favors, gifts, statues are promised in their honor. The works.

Soveliess approaches Lejerdy in the inn that night to learn what Lejerdy knows. There exists a “mountain titan” in dwarven lore, though it’s not detailed in any of Lejerdy books. The dwarves of Bilgundum may know more.

Lejerdy also knows of tales of a cult of elves who worship a “kraken” in Tirothil, south of Ghiscari.

The next day, Aashir visits the mayor to assure his statue is the biggest. He intimidates the mayor into agreeing despite despite the town believing Soveliess and Selim are the biggest heroes. Frozire similarly attempts to do the same, however his comedic requests are ignored.

While leaving, a band of elves request to accompany the Heroes of Glantre. Selim asks for the strongest and a merry elf accepting the challenge finds the nearest barrel and throws it. So begins the Legend of Carric Ghazi.

Leaving the town, the party encounters soldiers on the road. They’re Zahran men come to take Aashir back home. Aashir’s crafted lie that his father sent him on this quest is tested. He convinces his party and the guards that the orders are mistaken, that his father sent him out here, and that clearly they should be protecting him instead of following miscommunicated orders. The guards agree.

Days later the party comes a vast gorge and river, the bridge is guarded by a troll who demands riddles. But his riddles are piss easy and the troll is a moron. However, he’s also a pwoerful, magic moron, and won’t let the party cross unless they steal a wizard’s riddle book (which may or may not exist). The party instead offers to teach him a riddle to let them pass. The troll partially agrees, allowing one person per riddle, but when Aashir taunts and teases the troll with the solution to a challenging riddle, the troll impatiently agrees to let them all cross if Aashir will only let them cross. As they leave on the other side, the troll is heard laughing, because he’s just realized he can demand one riddle per crossing, and soon will know every riddle in the world. He’ll expand his business model past with the old traditional trolls used to do, to soon take over every bridge in the world. More on this later.

The party gets to Karningothr, but the coastal city is saturated with parties from Lere. Dozens of camps outside the city from each house, all awaiting entry. A bastard by the name of Reed, and his partner, offer to help the party inside for a large fee. They tell Reed off after getting info out of his partner, but it isn’t quite enough to get them inside (find the sewers). Reed returns with a smaller fee and offers to show them inside. There’s a secret tunnel probably used by smugglers. They pay Reed, who requests that no one tells his partner about the transaction.

Inside, they find a wall of water that leads to the sea. Selim turns out to be a miraculous swimmer, and the two monks turn out not to know how to swim. They get inside with a little effort and rope. While attempting to sneak out of the sewage plant, Soveliss and Frozire form a temporary alliance to serial murder three gnomes by drowning.

Out into the city the party finds a large half-orc ship captain. Soveliss unintentionally seduces the captain with a punch to the face, and the party is granted passage over a group of Xiao housemen. They backtrack to sell their wagon and goods, and the 11 party members set sail for Reykjavik.

Soveliess is approached by the captain one night, but gets him drunk enough that he passes out before anything untoward happens. The captains hangover is mistaken for a poor performance, and the men begrudgingly leave him alone. The party, however, refuses to believe Soveliss obvious lie, and believe still that Soveliss committed the deed to keep them aboard the ship. Carric had volunteered, but Aashir refused to let him.

They’re now in a mangrove salty marsh, in a city named Mithloriand run by aquatic elves, damn near on the other side of the world. This is new territory.


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