Session 31: Jurassic Underdark

"What do I roll to sex the worm?" --Soveliss

The party begins with bewilderment as the locathah and their quaggoth slaves retreat. Proceeding, they find the mauled bodies of Tywin and Tyrion, though Tywin ultimately survived his wounds.

Coming upon the body of the slain young purple wurm, Soveliss decides to sex it. He wants to know if it’s in heat. Salazar is incredulous. How could this man be a ranger? We don’t know.

The party encounters mushroom people that Salazar identifies as Myconids. There’s a staredown. Salazar gives them water. They seem… please? And continue to ignore them. The party leaves them there. And that’s that.

Around the bend and further into the cave, the party comes to a tunnel wherein Torinn sends a bat, which is never to return. Venturing inside, the party finds unknown symbols on the ground, and discovers ostensible homosexual quaggoths. Napping in one corner, and man-wrestling in another. They decide to take on the man-wrestlers.

They make quite short work of them, but one is able to get away. Scouting ahead, Hooty (Salazar’s owl familiar) sees a veritable horde of quaggoth.

The party attempts peaceful contact and non-violent resolution, but the primitive slaves respond only in shouts and alarms, attracting 4 Locathah from a further tunnel. Words and obscenities are exchanged, and it is clear that the Locathah will not allow anyone further into the tunnel. They attack.

However, while the horde attacks from the front, the guardians of a spawning pool attack from behind. The heroes are trapped between quite a large force of enemies.

Things seem to start out well. Soveliss gets down a Spike Growth on the front group, which initially deters their advance, and Torinn and Tyrion get down an Entangling Roots and Stinking cloud, respectively, on the rear guard.

After one front Locathah lacerates himself and bleeds out over the spikes, the others hiss and retreat, leaving the work to the quaggoth. One quaggoth hesitantly charges through the field, taking some damage, but not enough to any longer be a deterrent. Unfortunately, this has the effect of emboldening the other ~dozen.

Meanwhile, in the rear, the pack of quaggoth and Locathah are looking to out-match Torinn, the chuul, and the others from Lere.

Salazar are staring down the charging horde of Quaggoth when a plan strikes him. Tyrion, in advance of the plan, lands a powerful Sleep on 5 of the quaggoth. It is after this Salazar is able to determine Tyrion’s true strength, and believes him capable of undergoing a very powerful polymorph. Into that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Tyrionssaurus Rex is singly capable of handling the remaining quaggoth, while Salazar and Soveliss turn their attention to the struggling rear group.

After many failures of Bentley, and nearly fatal Attack of Opportunity on Jeremy, Torinn becoming a giant constrictor snake, and finally back around to Bentley redeeming himself with a double kill, the party is completely able to end the assault. A long battle, indeed.

The set themselves to resting for the night. That night, however…


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