Session 47: It's Just Called Two Brothers

"Underground Pound Town" -- David/Sean

The Wedding Planner

Kahma and Salazar approach a pissed off, drunk, beaten Horgrim. He learns Thosk knew of Valdi’s potential betrayal (that valdi may have the orrery piece). Horgrim wants to fly off the handle, but Salazar calms him down, and instead Horgrim decides that a public event whereby Salazar can guarantee a mind reading on every possible member of the city would be best.

Underground Pound Town

Soveliss finds Jeremy being escorted around the city by Sulfin. They exchange more words, and Sulfin leaves. Soveliss takes Jeremy to the axe place, but as it happens they notice the store next to it. Underground Pound Town. A store with a Hammer facade. Soveliss takes Jeremy into Seismic Hacktivity, and inquires about the neighboring store. However, the patron of S.H. seems immediately angered. He does not respond to any questions of the nature of the other store. Only getting inches from Soveliss’s face and whispering angrily, “Axes…” Soveliss leaves Jeremy to explore S.H., and leaves to stealthily explore the Underground Pound Town.

Inside is Emsee, the store own. Every possible configuration of a hammer is on display, and not a single edged weapon in side. Engaging Emsee to demonstrate his wares, he eventually brings out a bulky, unwieldly monstrosity of plate armor. It seems completely absurd, until with the press of a button, some magical motor spins to life, and large hammers which adorned the piece begin whirling around, making several full rotations a second. Another press and the hammers are loosed from their chains and propel outward, nearly brainsplatting Soveliss, and one breaks through the wall between this and the axe shop.

The store owners turn out to be brothers with a long-standing and know-one-remembers-who-started-it feud. Try as Soveliss might, he is unable to mend the broken bond between these brilliant brothers, and is ejected from their stores for the attempt. What will become of the dwarven inventors?

The Dragonborn

Torinn is in his quarters when there’s an insistent knock on the door. Opening, the hall is completely dark. The dwarven stewards are slumped over, breathing but unconscious. And cloaked figures enter his room. Dropping their polymorphed forms, they reveal to be Dragonborn. The one speaking, Enkala, is a red dragonborn. Torinng is naturally very suspicious, but they are absolutely insistent. that they need his help. Torinn agrees to hear them out, believing their words.

They alter his form to that of a dwarf also, so that none would know or suspect where he has gone, and lead him to the dregs. Below he’s able to catch the names of a couple of others. Balshimma, and Amazel. They in turn inform him that with the help someone named Grimjaw, they’ve been able to locate and half-form a plan to recover a relic of their people handed over in good-will when their ancestral refugees first arrived in Barumila. As the city has deteriorated, they have sought to leave, but have been unable to procure the artifact through legitimate means, and so have turned desperate. They don’t have the will/courage/cleverness to pull it off, but one of their own people (all they trust) who happened to have been tutored by a real dragon, might be the key to getting them home. Torinn is very reluctant, but eventually agrees.

The plan involves entering the Dwarven Stockpiles under false pretenses, stealing the artifact from a chest neighboring that which they would be entering for, and leaving without being discovered.

Torinn finds the magic shop Loch and Lodestones, and puts a downpayment on a portable hole. He sleeps that night, preparing to rob the Dwarven Stockades in the morning.


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