Session 48: A Natural 20 can fix anything.

"This is a contested 'smug' roll." -- DM

The Heist

Torinn meets Enkala down below at 6th bell. (There have definitely been time-keeping bells this whole time). They have the approval of some minor lord named Ank Allardson to retrieve the chest, which conveniently happens to be adjacent to the chest they need to steal the headdress from.

Torinn silently curses himself for forgetting to put the rest of his payments down on that portable hole. He spends a great deal of time deliberating on the correct course of action. finally he decides on what to do. He turns Enkala into an Octo- Wait, no. He summons a gargoyle and just knocks the chest over and takes the crown and runs. Unfortunately the alarms weren’t a bluff, so like a dozen guards swarm Torinn and Enkala. He decides actions speak louder than words, and attacks. As the melee begins, a siren sounds elsewhere, and indiscernible figures fly off at another point in the stock with some chest. Torinn tries to get away. He is forced out of form by the bolts of their dwarven crossbows. Twelve dwarves in a row tackle him and still he almost gets away. Ultimately, however, he is subdued. Later he is interrogated by Gittes. They’re desperate to know about his reasons being there. There comes at one point a very rapid, annoying knock at the door and a smug, irritating dwarf opens the door. Torinn doesn’t know him, but it’s Valdi. He very sweetly insists the detectives do their due diligence in weeding out any seditious motivations, and to truly do their best in establishing Torinns attempted theft to Salazar. The annoying dwarf leaves and the dwarves continue their intense interrogation.

It turns out that they’re not really going to bother charging Torinn with theft. They’re not clear why, they just say the second chest wasn’t off limits. They do have to ask why Torinn did it in the first place and there has to be some punishment for his assault on the guardsmen. With a nat 20, however, Torinn is able to convince Detective Gittes that Valdi is the true mastermind. He lets Torinns actions slide pending future cooperation in this investigation into the corruption of Dwarven politicians. As he’s leaving, he sees more detectives grilling Enkala, and the annoying dwarf bursts through a dwarf elsewhere in the office, shouting about absurdities. His questioning has begun, apparently.

He remembers the wedding is later, and goes to get an appropriate gift.

The Tentacles

Soveliss heads to Loch and Lodestones for a magical gift, finds a pretty powerful scroll and things, but finds Loch’s selection limited. Loch does offer greater gifts if Soveliss retrieves a certain necklace/charm from his rival, Eyngvhar.

Soveliss goes to Eyngvhar’s shop, Archmage. Inside he finds a panicked dwarf. Eyngvhar has misplaced the sloth-tentacle monster. Or rather, it inexplicably escaped its planar prison. Soveliss is soon after attacked by an errant tentacle out of nowhere, a veil pulled back from reality itself.

They are quick to bring this news to Salazar. He’s able to finally locate a tentacle and forces its form into this realm into the form of a sloth for Eyngvhar to dispose of immediately.

Valdi comes by in the middle of these preceding to gloat that a companion of theirs has been arrested for an attempted theft.

His smug gloating is interrupted by guards demanding his return to the Barracks. At his departure, a contested smug roll occurs between Soveliss and Valdi. Though he doe snot admit defeat, Valdi clearly loses the Smug Duel.


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