Session 5: How To Train Your Dragons

"Another goddamn dragon?" -Soveliss

The party, having earned the trust and admiration of the Dragonborn people by defeating Phyrus, the Black dragon wymrling, are escorted to the resting place of Redegoia’s patron and true ruler, Mallanox. A fearsomely large adult black. Voiced by Tim Curry.

Found supine in his fetid swamp, Mallanox interrogates the party in private as to their purpose. Learning their intention to rob the red dragon, Mallanox swiftly agrees. Mallanox reveals his missing wing, a token from Mallanox’s last encounter with the red dragon, Alexstrasza.

Mallanox claims Alexstrasza has two lesser consorts, Korialstrasz and Tyranastrasz. And that he alone would not be sufficient to face them. So he requires the party to seek out the Green, Sylvenim. He gifts a part rusted, part disolved broken longsword as a proof of his intention.

The party meet with Sylvenim after surviving their first encounter with the dragon’s apparent defense system, awakened trees. After some conversation he agrees, but sends the party to fetch another. A white dragon Glaciax, living under his father, Frostfang, a name given to him by giants. Frostfang has become obsessed with the giants, forcing his offspring into submission to aid in his personal war. All but Glaciax have been killed by the frost giants. But Frostfang is vain, and a powerfully poisoned gift from Sylvenim should work to free Glaciax.

“Whites are the most primitive of dragons, and easily manipulated this way. Like dogs.” -Sylvenim.

The party follows through, and after a bit of resistance from the White’s cave’s inhabitants, the party meet with Frostfang, talk him up, offer their offering (which Frostfang confidently proclaims will be a sublime appetizer before devouring these foolish lesser beings) and devours the poison, which near instantly begins to rot and dissolve him from inside.

Glaciax, impressed by their cunning and strength, and wearing his favorite santa hat, offers to follow the party wherever they may go.

All together again, Mallanox and Sylvenim come to the party with a final name to add to their roster, Aesbellator. A bronze with a dream for glory. Though chromatic and metallic dragons are often at odds, their not strictly speaking, natural enemies. And for circumstances specifically such as this one, they are known to align themselves. Aesbellator can be found watching ships sail out of a small, human port south of Redegoia.

Aesbellator, initially disguised as an old human figure, brings the party to his cave, and agrees to listen to the party’s request. Hearing them out, he agrees so long as the party is able to offer him some token to add to his collection, both for his benefit, and to prove their sincerity. Dragon aid isn’t free.

The party manage to convince him that a place in Lere’s lustrous and grand history is reward enough, and Aesbellator, eager to be a party of history, agrees.

The A-Team finally assembled, the party regroup at Redegoia, and depart for the volcanic island of Alexstrasza, with their dragonborn army in tow.

Though this arrival was meant to be a surprise, with their plan being an ambush at night, when they arrive, a battle is already raging. It appears the various camps were alerted a week prior to the Dragonborn army’s coming, and prepared themselves. What should have been a blitz through the unaware camps of the various housemen and mercenaries, became a bloody melee, with heavy casualties for the dragonborn.

Perhaps only because of the Dragon’s aid, the party and their dragonborn army are victorious. And our party settles in for the night, preparing for their real challenge. The Lair of Alexstrasza. A series of Kobold tunnels have been discovered by Sylvenim in his flight during the battle. They should lead into the volcanic lair, bypassing the more deadly main entrance.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the night, one of their own, Zaheer is gutted by an invisible foe. A note is found on his body. The murder, an apparent gift message. Someone calling Zeiram his master has apparently “made it his duty” to see the party suffer on Reykjavik, as repayment for their intervention at Glantre, the forest village they saved from the Wight. It is then the other dragons reveal the nature of Zeiram. He is a Dracolich, over 1,000 years old at least, who subsists on the souls of living dragons. A sort of boogeyman for dragon-kind. And he apparently has an axe to grind with the party.


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