Session 51: The Ever Better Ideas of Horgrim


Soveliss follows Sulfin through the dregs. For almost an hour he wanders those tunnels. Well past civilzation. Through long-abandoned mining tunnels. Abandoned carts and tools. Emergent life as mushrooms. These mining tunnels are returning to a natural state as caves. Sulfin seems to be following the ever growing glow of some stone or charm. He cannot get a clear glimpes of its markings, but it’s emitting a dark purple light. Soveliss finally speaks up when the glow seems brightest and Sulfin is finally satisfied, apparently having arrived at their destination. Sulfin stutters and avoids an explanation. And when Soveliss asks to see the stone, Sulfin uses “Dimension Door” to remove himself, revealing himself for sure (though we suspected) as a skilled wizard. Soveliss returns to the city.

Salazar is awoken by the banging of Soveliss at his door. Soveliss delivers the news, but raucous commotion outside draws their attention. Horgrim, it seems, is organizing a full assault into the Dregs following the attack on Barumila. He is convinced now an intelligence of some manner is guiding these cursed beings, and will not allowed further assaults.

The party must hurredly gather Malimfra to test her curing device on fully transformed dwarves, so with Horgrims reluctant blessing, the party and Malimfra with her leafblower-ash backpack head into the mines. Soveliss follows tracks that grow and grow in number until the find themselves, deep into the dregs in a dug out pit. An enormous cavern that is filled with literally thousands of Viralkin, the plagued dwarves. Testing the cure in the form of the vial of Salazars remaining ashes, they find the cure to work, and swiftly and silently make their way back up. They encounter twenty more plagued dwarves who were headed in this direction, and Malimfra is able to ash the lot of them. The cure returns them to dwarven health. But the limbs take longer to wither and finally slough off.

Horgrim’s mind is changed, and the assault is canceled. Instead effort willbe put into mass producing the devices of Malimfra’s design to distribute the cure.


ZacharyGallagher ZacharyGallagher

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