Session 68: Mess in the Mess Hall

Torinn comes to on the spiral staircase, confused and concerned over his visions.

However, they have naught to do but carry on and get to the center of the temple to stop whatever it is the cultists are doing.

Following down they come to a large mural hallway, just like the rest, only this one has been turned into some kind of mess hall, with wooden benches and tables, and campfires cooking meat.

And about 30 cultists and assassins.

They’re about to execute their plan to sneak past them when another stranger, enemy of the assassins and cultists, approaches from behind. An agent of the church, he has also snuck aboard looking for answers and more.

No time to argue or discuss, they proceed together. Using Pass Without Trace, and an oil in a campfire distraction, they make their way steathily and silently around the pillars of the mess hall, and through the door on the other side, whose grating stone sound is muted by the sphere of silence that is Pass Without Trace.

Down another hall, this one with a gaping hole below, they’re able to see the world below them. Moving. The fortress is flying in the air, and it’s headed south.

Through the next set of doors is a large foyer sort of hall thing I couldn’t think of the name of. But there are cellar-like doors in the center, another big blue crystal directly overhead. And two guards playing cards in front. Emon easily gets the drop on them, killing them quickly. Looting they find the same basic loot. And in one third dream cultist’s robes, a locket and letter, evidencing a loved one waiting back home.

Toro used the crystal to enhance his sight into the next room, and what he saw would shock you. Stay tuned.


ZacharyGallagher ZacharyGallagher

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