Session 75: Sex and the City, but with assholes.

They talk to Horgrim, the current king of Barumila. They go shopping and Emon steals some Dexterity Gloves.

Torinn asks around about some people. Detective Gittes left the city not long after the players did. Horgrim’s sister also is not at Barumila, instead off elsewhere doing what she can to help the less fortunate. Barumila has opened the pass to Naramunz and has begun rebuilding their relationships with the other dwarven fortresses. The two Hammer/Axe brothers have reconciled and after winning the tournament were asked to make mechanized suits of plate for the military, which is their full-time occupation now.

Toro decides he wants to shop. And how might he do that? Why, but finding a bitchin’ workout book. But where? He rolls terribly for investigation and is about to give up when Torinn decides to lend a hand. Together they track down that one dwarf that actually gave Toro a challenge in wrestling. He’s a local superstar in the Fire Beetle, a tavern in the Dregs.

They talk to him, and he is impressed by Toro carrying around a heavy sarcophagus just to keep a promise, so he agrees to give Toro the manual for free if he can promise to bring back a fire giant duke’s mug. Didn’t say why, just wanted it. Toro and Thum the dwarf go off on a man date and begin crashing through the walls of residential district of Barumila.

They set off in the morning after some rest and after days of uneventful travel on the roads passing travelling merchants are attacked by some kobolds and bulettes in the pass toward Firestorm Peak. We end the session there.


ZacharyGallagher ZacharyGallagher

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