Session 76: Spawn of Xul-Bohr

They fight the bulettes and kobolds, and take on prisoner. Qax. He tells them all about how they worship Xul-Bohr now. The party figures out Xul-Bohr is that aberration they never fully killed.

They are standing before Ironslag after a week’s travel through the rocky passes. Ironslag sits in the path to Firestorm Peak. So they head in.

It’s pretty rough in here, and there are fire giant corpses that have been burnt. That’s bad.

Some hears some deep speech coming from the next room, though since they gave the conch to abuella to control the chuul in Wamor to protect their house, they don’t understand what’s being said.

Tharious goes in to investigate and sees a huge magma aberration, and a bunch of kobolds all hanging around a statue. The magma aberration spots them and it and all the kobolds charge. Toro flies up and drops the sarcophagus on the first kobolds that appear. Several more are in the back, but then the magma aberration literally rolls over all of them and instantly melts Tharious with a spray of lava. Well, not melts, but does knock him unconscious. And it radiates heat that deals damage to everyone nearby. Next turn Tharious could be dead. Toro dives down to retrieve Tharious and heal him, and we end there.


ZacharyGallagher ZacharyGallagher

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