Session 80: A Little Hot Foot, or "The Floor is Lava"

"Sad blub" -- The Black Pudding, probably.

The party, feeling tired and wounded, decides to stop for a long rest where they stand. They set up a magical hound for watch, and head to sleep. Only an hour into their sleep, the hound is barking. quite loudly.

To the west, the party sees as they rouse themselves, are several acidic oozes. Groaning, the party readies themselves for combat. Ulgrim is the first to charge in, and is reduced quickly to 2 hitpoints. Through some thunderwave, some Conjure Animals, and some Statue Smashin’, they’re able to kill all but one, and save Ulgrim. For the very last, however, things get… cruel.

Shra ignites a bonfire underneath while keeping concentration on black tentacles to keep it in place. Torinn alights it with a moonbeam. And Ulgrim and Toro take turns flinging mind-rending insults at the ooze. It can’t understand why, but it just felt… sad. And so it was shamed to death.

The party rests, and takes the statue for a ride. Not wanting to spend time bickering, Toro orders everyone onto the statue, and orders it into the curtain. Relenting a bit because of their whining, he agrees to turn on the aura at least before they walk through the magma curtain. The curtain is dissipated, however the party as a result takes biting cold damage. The statue “speeds” through and they turn the aura off inside.

Soon, however, they’re taking fire damage from the intense heat of this oven, and their attempts at sending out bat scouts are burnt.

They can’t turn the aura on while they’re on the statue, but they can’t get off the statue because they’re wading in a pool of magma.

The party is faced with a problem. How to get safe?

Ulgrim: Take the statue back to solid ground, turn the aura on, and we’ll walk through!
Torinn: I’ll summon bats. We ride them, turn the aura on, and land!
Shra: I want a drink.

Toro: Everyone, no. Get on sarcophagus. Sarcophagus solves all problems.

So they do. They statue steps back, turns on the aura, and the party hops off. Safely traversing the territory.

They come upon a fire elemental just hanging around, and deduce that it must be conjuring the magic that’s turning this place into a magma sauna. They use the statue to disturb the elemental. And with a combination of an endless decanter, and a cold aura statue, they’re quickly able to douse both the elemental, and a portion of the lava floor. In response they’re attacked by a group of magma mephits and a large red skinned, glowing snake. However, those too are quickly dispatched by the elemental.

There we stop, for now.


ZacharyGallagher ZacharyGallagher

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