Session 77: So Long Tharious

You were just a Candle in the Wind.

They heal Tharious, and decide to rely on their old faithful, polymorph. They Sloth the aberration, and toro takes it outside as high as he can in a round or two, and rops it.

It doesn’t die from the fall, but the snow and cold do douse the fire aura temporarily. From there they finish it off. Qax tells them it was the Spawn of Xul-Bohr. The party is distraught, they thought they’d taken out the leader. They worry what the hell they’ll have to fight that SPAWNS on of those things.

They head back inside, figure out the puzzle to open the statue, get in. More kobolds and a salamandar, and more burnt fire giant corpses. They engage the kobolds and Salamander, and the party decides it’s time for Toro to be a T-Rex to ride. Emon gets on. Tharious and Torinn hand back and decide to poke from afar. The kobolds swarm the T-Rex, and the result is what you’d expect. A few more kobolds and the Salamander pass up the T-Rex and head for the healer and the druid. Torinn turns into a giant eagle and flies away from Tharious, leaving him alone, so he won’t break concentration on the polymorph for Toro.However, the salamandar, tragically, is able to kill Tharious before escaping.

One kobold also manages to charm Toro magically into letting him live, so he disguises as a corpse and the others don’t notice.

After killing off all the other kobolds, a door opens and a fire giant is standing there. We stop there.


ZacharyGallagher ZacharyGallagher

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