Session 82: Like Father, Like Son (Or something...)

We exit stage left after the lava pit. There’s walls of stone and ice magically conjured that block the way. But STATUE POWER! There’s a tunnel to the underdark. Fuck that. Another wall, STATUE POWER. Very, very short work of some kobolds on the other side of it.

A worg gets away, but is heard in the distance gettin’ fucked. We round the corner and find some GOLIATHS!? WHOAAAA.

Anyway, there’s a camp. Goliaths have been harried by kobolds for two weeks unable to progress or leave. Turns out Orilo, Toro’s father, has led the best from his tribe up here to complete the Javier Bardem, also.

They party, and plan to set out in the morning.


ZacharyGallagher ZacharyGallagher

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