Session 83: Blizzard, Fangs, and Temples

There’s a blizzard, it’s pretty shitty. Torinn spots a cave some distance away, and Ulgrim navigates down a slope to bring their caravan to safety, but when there’s a more treacherous drop, Toro is able to anchor himself to let the others climb down. In the last stretch, Shra uses his flaming sphere to carve out a path.

Inside the cave, though, they’re attacked by 3 remorhazes. It’s pretty tough. One of the goliaths actually dies, and Shra is nearly killed. However, he still bravely swaps himself out for Xanthor who’s super about to die.

They make it to the temple afterward to find it raided and empty.


ZacharyGallagher ZacharyGallagher

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