Session 95: Exits and Entrances

Vodos -- "Nope, nope, nope... nope. Nope."

They leave, no big deal. There are some orcs with a weird black dragon head and black wing standard that they haven’t seen before. Emon’s sure it’s new.

They come across this dude with red eyes and no visible face and just black, evil, armored dude. They recognize this as the general of Zeiram, but kill him with little to no resistance. Pansy.

They slaughter a few more orcs and come across another such armored figure. Oh, well… Ok, I guess he wasn’t the general. but still.

Then a challenger appears, wielding the greatsword Dragnipur. Green energy and black soul streams swirl around it. Dry, leathery dead lips skin peels back in a snarl/smile around sharp teeth and black. Enter Machtig.

This is a no go, and the players bail the fuck out after getting hit by a goddamn death fire ball and him throwing a temper tantrum when he hears the Eye is gone. The players hide in a cubby until he passes then run the fuck out. On the surface are more blackguards, more orcs, and what looks like an orc chieftain. Honestly they’re not worried about being able to kill these guys, but they can’t afford the time sink, and choose instead running through a goddamn tree to get out of there. The horses, wagons, and supplies are left behind. (Nothing noteworthy, just some lost gold in food, etc.)

Back home, they rest. That night Emon offers the eye to the Raven Queen who’s happy to learn Vecna’s Archons will not regain their throne anytime soon, as that would pose a greater threat to the Raven Queen’s reign over the Shadowfell (which she battles Vecna over).

In the morning, Torinn holds a “trust” meeting, establishing the importance of trusting each other, and Adhara is pulled away by the Archangel Azreas. He wants to know what the party heard from Omen, but doesn’t want the party to know they’re being watched. He wants Adhara to keep an eye out as a result.

End of session.


ZacharyGallagher ZacharyGallagher

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