Aashir Zahran

Human warlock, and Shiek of House Zahran.


Prince and Heir to House Zahran of the Kingdom of Lere.

Aashir is a harsh, strict man. His favor, once lost, is lost forever. He has absconded with one of the party off on the ritual quest, for he intends to prove he can survive without the coddling of his family, or noble life.

He intends to present himself as a hero to the people, and believes the common folk will come to see him as such.

He secretly believes he is better than anyone else.

Defying his father’s orders, he struck out with the first parties when the Lere Hunt began. Injured and thwarted at his first mission, he left for home with other soldiers at the mountain home of Alexstrasza.

There he returned to his studies, under much closer guard.

This proved fortuitous, for when the attack on Lere came, Aashir was safely in isolation studying whilst his brothers and father were killed. Leaving him, the youngest, as ruler of one of the Seven Great Houses of Lere.

Aashir Zahran

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