El Toro del Guerra

Goliath Luchador Bardbarian


Every person is shaped by their family. Some, more than others. When young Vimak “Sweetsong” Thuliaga began showing bardic prowess, his abuela, Nalla, could not be happier. She immediately began cultivating his talents and training him in the magic arts. But, she is not solely responsible for the man he would become.

Growth is a funny thing. Sometimes you don’t notice how much of it has occurred until you get slapped in the face with it. This is what happened to Vimak’s father, Orilo, when a rampaging aurochs was wrestled to the ground by his son. “Is that mijo? When did he become so big?” Deciding that Vimak was wasting his true potential under Orilo’s mother-in-law, he separated them and began teaching Vimak how to use his great strength in the traditional Goliath way. Disgusted with her son-in-law, Nalla left the village so she wouldn’t have to watch her grandson abandon his bardic power.

As much as our family shapes us, there comes a time when we seize our own destinies. When Vimak “Bullwrestler” Thuliaga had to decide what he wanted to do with his life, he chose to honor both major influences. He decided to use his great power of both body and song to perform for the world, and occasionally help others in the adventurer’s way. He adopted a new name, and a mask to go with it. El Toro de Guerre. The Bull of War. Never would he allow others to oppress those weaker than themselves. And if he could make a bit of coin from his gifts, all the better.

And so, then next decade of El Toro’s life went fairly uneventful. Many performances and the occasional bandit camp or goblin hole. That all changed when he received that fateful letter. Describing things about his life only his own family and tribe would know, it called upon him to use his skills for the greater good of the entire world. El Toro, being a typical goliath, wasn’t overly concerned with the fate of the world.But the last line of the letter made clear the urgency of the situation. “Your abuela already fights the rising darkness in Lear.”


El Toro del Guerra

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