An unknown, presumably knowledgeable elf.


Librarian and loremaster for the village of Glantre. A letter found on the body of a Greymane ranger in an overturned caravan outside Lere suggested that Lejerdy may be quite useful. Lord Hircine Greymane had dispatched a party with strict instructions to seek out the elf Lejerdy in Glantre, an “old friend”, who’s age and knowledge of the natural world may lead to some clues as to the location of the necessary ingredients to this ritual.

Lejerdy was being held prisoner by a wraith of Zeiram for his knowledge. The party freed him, and after saving the village from Zeiram’s attacks, he shared with Lejerdy the possible location of two items.

  • The Dwarves of Bilgundum have old lore about a thing called a “Mountain Titan”.
  • There are tales of a cult in Tirothil (continent south of Ghiscari) where a race of being worship a “god” they call “Kraken”.


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