Tharious Quall

Sun Elf Cleric of Pelor (The Sun!)


Tharious was born in a major city called Kornaria. His parents were both well respected in the community and well versed in the magic arts. They were usually busy and out working while Tharious stayed at home, or more often, out exploring and wandering the city. However, one day, he was caught up in a tropical storm while outside the city and swept away by the overflowing river. Losing conciseness, he thought he was sure to die. But he awoke some time later on the riverbed, soaking wet but unharmed. Looking around he saw it. The City’s Temple of Pelor. Believing that Pelor saved him he grew dedicated to the god and attempted to join the church. He joined the church and worked hard and diligently every day in his god’s name. Starting from the bottom where he simply helped maintain the church.
This wasn’t enough for him though. He wanted to truly devote himself to Pelor by working hard and helping with more serious tasks. He had already shown that he too was very adept at magic, just like his parents, so he began training as a life cleric to heal the wounded of the church. He trained under another Elf by the name of Eris in healing and divine magic.
Tharious’s skills first started to become noticed when a large influx of wounded came to the church asking for help. It was told of horde of undead were marching to attack the city. In less than 3 days the attack came. Almost all members of the church were sent to help, including Tharious. He helped defend the city by assisting the guard fend of waves and using his magic to help cure the wounded. Afterwards started moving up the branches of the church. More and more volunteering to go out on expeditions to aid the church and vanquish undead threats. Tharious, yearning for adventure and to further show dedication to his god, set out on the road, aiding others in the name of Pelor, and spreading his faith.


Tharious Quall

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