Session 89: To Butt Chug, Or Not To Butt Chug?

You watched a fat video game guy review a porn game and expected high art?

Tharious comes back 66 golds heavier, 2 gold lighter.

Interrogations with Lord Hayao, talk of re-negotiation.

Emon heads up to fetch abuella, but alas, there are assassins.

They fight, but it proves, to be an easy fight. They take the assassin Bryan.

After interrogations they learn that Bryan is part of the Arcane Wayfarers, and they aren’t necessarily assassins by trade, and Bryan was led to believe the lords were bad guys. They put him in the cell and leave Shra to guard him.

Above, Aashir and Aeneas and ambush Torinn. They give information about Aelethious, Atbluff. And Aashir delivers the information about the barrows.


ZacharyGallagher ZacharyGallagher

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