Session 39: Dey Turk Er Jurbs

Having spent more time examining this altar than they liked, they decided some things are best left unknown, and departed, heading east into a room that would turn out to be a former workshop, as well as current home to a pair of Glabrezu.

The pair of Glabrezu attempt to use illusions and charms to trick the party into a deal, however they are able to thwart all the demons’ attempts. Having failed at subterfuge, the demons fall back to their baser nature, and attack. They manage to kill one, and defeat the other who surrenders before death. In pleading for his life, he gives up information about the Nalfeshnee boss, as well as a small piece of the history of Demons/Devils. The party is convinced leaving him alive is too great a threat, so they determine to kill him instead. He attempts escape, hearing that, but fails and is killed.

The party continues exploring the ruin, eventually finding a hall that has been recommissioned for a demon hellscape. And what would be inside? Except an invisible, sleeping Chasme.

End Session.

Session 38: Yeah, goblins. Just goblins.

Head back into cave, fight through goblins (easy sauce), make it to dungeon, go through hospital, steal dwarven armor for Jeremy. Fight hezrous, too. Discover opening to
Hell. Turn back, find dretches. Kill them. Ponder altar.

Session 37: Daring Damsel Dwarf in Distress

Head off in morning to cave. Head into cave. See ruins. Fight goblins. Find hole. Fight off more goblins and trolls. Wake Kahma up. Find her backpack of stuff. Repair leg.

Session 36: Mayor Mayford's Major Malintent

Buy Robe of Eyes. Sell some other stuff, buy some stuff. Jeremy sends gold to family. Head to Brightbell Ward to Meet with Giles. Head to see mayor. Learn about stuff,
make deal, head to sword dealer, make deal about saving dwarven damsel.

Session 35: Post Traumatic Shopping Detour
"I want to summon Tenser's Floating Disc right at dick level." --Salazar

We enter Breyheath. We go shopping. Soveliss is robbed. We give chase. Salazar goes for the dick shot. Success. Soveliess chases the bag down the alley. He’s assaulted by two poisoned bolts. They run. The fight continues. Torinn summons bats, turns into a snake and begins climing. Salazar is put down by two more bolts. Soveliss lags out outside. Jeremy hoists and heals Salazar.

Eventually they fix the situation, but the guards having seen it all require they show themselves to the Mayor. Mayor Mayford, at his manor. Mayor Mayford’s Manor.

The party learns they’re being tracked, and the would-be assassins actually weren’t supposed to attack anyway.

With the news of the imminent arrival of dozens more equal or stronger assassins, the party makes quick haste.

To the magic stores. With the intent on diving into the Labyrinth later.

A Non-Zorro Sword Dancer engages Soveliss who ends up challenging him to a contest. A possibly crazy robe saleswoman shows three out of four possible sides (Moonrise, Mideve and Moxy). She has a special robe, but it’s a mite too expensive.

End scene.

Session 34: The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Gorge
"I don't know, guys. What dooo griffins eat?" --DM

Follow the river south, they said. It’ll be fine, they said. It’ll take you right to Breyheath, they said.

Oh, sure. And we even got a horse out of it?

Also mentally assailed by Skull Tower (I’m sure nothing bad will come of that.)

Attacked by more than a dozen hungry griffins? (Saved the horse by turning it into a sloth and summoning some other fey spirits to be torn to shreds as horses.

Then went through what one wizard called, “Satan’s Asshole”. Attacked by dozens (though we only focused on one battle for brevity’s sake) of Arach`Nura. (Black Swamp Spiders with Scorpion Tails).

Eventually we make it to Breyheath. No big deal!

(There were some dreams or something. We saw Melinoe again. Probably not important.)

Session 33: Whoops
"5000 feet of water collapses on top of you, crushing you. You all die." --DM

Leaving the cave on a magic carpet ride, the players suddenly realize they’re not in control of the bear.

They scheme to get themselves killed, but think better of it and nothing bad happens. Instead they utilize an immovable rod, an ass-ton of Chuul spit, and some better sense, and make it to shore.

Having no direction just yet, they decide to head inland.

They meet Halflings. They seem odd, even for halflings. The party doesn’t know it’s because they’re camped on top of a cave that grows pretty intensely magical mushrooms, and they pretty much mistrust all outsiders, which is difficult since their natural tendencies and desires are to welcome and hospitably treat all visitors. All the same, the halflings help the visitors get what they need and to be on their way. A little fibbing to get them to go faster, and possibly through a path that will get them killed, but at least it really is the shortest way.

Session 32: The 32nd Session
"Stuff" --Someone

Wake up, find mushrooms. Decide not to kill anymore. You know. Because maybe they’re alive. Jeremy adopts baby Locathah.

Head further into cave. Discover ambush because today we can see through walls.

Fight Voreceredolus the Ulitharid. He escapes before being killed, however. Find eye. Jeremy hosts it at staff level.

Heading back to Gehmi, he’s a dessicated husk, with an unfinished note beside him. He’d learned that the Marid was telling the truth about Lere. That a possible group/organization called “The Third Dream” was behind it, and that they’re actually trying to… And Gehmi died.

The end.

Session 31: Jurassic Underdark
"What do I roll to sex the worm?" --Soveliss

The party begins with bewilderment as the locathah and their quaggoth slaves retreat. Proceeding, they find the mauled bodies of Tywin and Tyrion, though Tywin ultimately survived his wounds.

Coming upon the body of the slain young purple wurm, Soveliss decides to sex it. He wants to know if it’s in heat. Salazar is incredulous. How could this man be a ranger? We don’t know.

The party encounters mushroom people that Salazar identifies as Myconids. There’s a staredown. Salazar gives them water. They seem… please? And continue to ignore them. The party leaves them there. And that’s that.

Around the bend and further into the cave, the party comes to a tunnel wherein Torinn sends a bat, which is never to return. Venturing inside, the party finds unknown symbols on the ground, and discovers ostensible homosexual quaggoths. Napping in one corner, and man-wrestling in another. They decide to take on the man-wrestlers.

They make quite short work of them, but one is able to get away. Scouting ahead, Hooty (Salazar’s owl familiar) sees a veritable horde of quaggoth.

The party attempts peaceful contact and non-violent resolution, but the primitive slaves respond only in shouts and alarms, attracting 4 Locathah from a further tunnel. Words and obscenities are exchanged, and it is clear that the Locathah will not allow anyone further into the tunnel. They attack.

However, while the horde attacks from the front, the guardians of a spawning pool attack from behind. The heroes are trapped between quite a large force of enemies.

Things seem to start out well. Soveliss gets down a Spike Growth on the front group, which initially deters their advance, and Torinn and Tyrion get down an Entangling Roots and Stinking cloud, respectively, on the rear guard.

After one front Locathah lacerates himself and bleeds out over the spikes, the others hiss and retreat, leaving the work to the quaggoth. One quaggoth hesitantly charges through the field, taking some damage, but not enough to any longer be a deterrent. Unfortunately, this has the effect of emboldening the other ~dozen.

Meanwhile, in the rear, the pack of quaggoth and Locathah are looking to out-match Torinn, the chuul, and the others from Lere.

Salazar are staring down the charging horde of Quaggoth when a plan strikes him. Tyrion, in advance of the plan, lands a powerful Sleep on 5 of the quaggoth. It is after this Salazar is able to determine Tyrion’s true strength, and believes him capable of undergoing a very powerful polymorph. Into that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Tyrionssaurus Rex is singly capable of handling the remaining quaggoth, while Salazar and Soveliss turn their attention to the struggling rear group.

After many failures of Bentley, and nearly fatal Attack of Opportunity on Jeremy, Torinn becoming a giant constrictor snake, and finally back around to Bentley redeeming himself with a double kill, the party is completely able to end the assault. A long battle, indeed.

The set themselves to resting for the night. That night, however…

Session 30:

29 start in brain room, find treasure, bicker, salazar poisons Tywin, enter Underdark, confuse torinn with its name. Engage Locathah, they flee. Salazar: “No, let him wake up naked, bound, and completely unaware of his surroundings.”


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