Session 69: Mess in the Mess Hall

Torinn comes to on the spiral staircase, confused and concerned over his visions.

However, they have naught to do but carry on and get to the center of the temple to stop whatever it is the cultists are doing.

Following down they come to a large mural hallway, just like the rest, only this one has been turned into some kind of mess hall, with wooden benches and tables, and campfires cooking meat.

And about 30 cultists and assassins.

They’re about to execute their plan to sneak past them when another stranger, enemy of the assassins and cultists, approaches from behind. An agent of the church, he has also snuck aboard looking for answers and more.

No time to argue or discuss, they proceed together. Using Pass Without Trace, and an oil in a campfire distraction, they make their way steathily and silently around the pillars of the mess hall, and through the door on the other side, whose grating stone sound is muted by the sphere of silence that is Pass Without Trace.

Down another hall, this one with a gaping hole below, they’re able to see the world below them. Moving. The fortress is flying in the air, and it’s headed south.

Through the next set of doors is a large foyer sort of hall thing I couldn’t think of the name of. But there are cellar-like doors in the center, another big blue crystal directly overhead. And two guards playing cards in front. Emon easily gets the drop on them, killing them quickly. Looting they find the same basic loot. And in one third dream cultist’s robes, a locket and letter, evidencing a loved one waiting back home.

Toro used the crystal to enhance his sight into the next room, and what he saw would shock you. Stay tuned.

One-Shot 2: Fey Gone Wild (Part 1)
Trust strangers in cloaks

Seilder and a few others escort a village out of their homes at the request of a dryad. It takes a bit of convincing, and lying, but they get the town to agree on the player’s better authority when Seilder says that a bulette mating swarm is headed their way.

The journey through the feywild is odd, with nothing appearing exactly as they might have supposed. A churning, slithering, massive tangle of giant roots cover the floor of the fey realm, the trees barren.

Leaving the forest they come to a gentle valley, going through it is a caravan of otherworldly creatures. Amongst them are elementals, fey and even demons.

They cross the path of the caravan and begin ascending the opposite side. With a view from the cliff they see what was the destination for the bizarre circus.

A throbbing tumor on the surface of the world. Teeth, eyes, tentacles and malice. Sorcery and war engines assault the boundaries of the pulsing and undulating unnatural growth. Where it dies, it regrows. It takes a constant, cycling effort by the strange allies, and still it seems to have minimal effect. The most efficacious is a pale, young women with a red violin. Strokes of her bow producing more than a haunting melody. Waves upon waves of dark sorcery flow from her deadly instrument and crash down below as she soars in smooth patterns on a black fog above the tumor. Where her power meets the tumor it dies, shrinks and turns to ash, only for tendrils to burst from the necrotic mass of flesh, and bulging pustules to burst new flesh over the wounds, swallowing the fruits of her labor whole.

Session 68: Legends of the Hidden Temple

Entering into the temple proper, the group is met with a message in a language they cannot properly read or parse, but can intuitively understand. Venturing further in through a grand hall they come to a cracked stone door, the opening of which nearly costs Toro a head. In awe, the group finds itself facing a temple with an ambient yellow light, with no obvious source.

Further in they travel. And further, and further, and further, and further. Until they’ve well and truly traveled farther than should be physically possible. Exhausting all natural means of investigating the source of the enchantment, Torinn finally casts Detect Magic to find that… there is no magic. Or rather, none that he can detect. It’s clear that Mana is at play here, magic from the elusive “Warrens”.

Emon recalls the sensory and self “expansion” he felt when he used the stone, and he intuitively connects the possibility that use of the warren stone could avail him in this warren-cursed hall. (Again, my bad, guys.)

Again, Emon experiences the dispersion of “self” to his surrounding area, and finds again he’s able to see and feel around him. It takes a force of spirit he is not accustomed to using, and while he’s able to will the enchantment away, there is a cost. He is psychically nauseous for several minutes. Worryingly, this is considerably longer than the mere moments of dizziness at his last failed attempt to control the magic of this strange other plane. What does that mean?

Inside was a large room like a church, but empty of any pews or chairs. Two doors on either side, and a dais with an open arch at the far end. Attempting to split up and explore, Torinn trips on his own feet and either shits himself or yells or barks depending on whom you ask. In any case, it attracts the attention of a Third Dream member who calls out for Kemed. Toro slam fuckin’ dunks the impression of Kemed having heard him yell in pain before death once upon a time.

The cultist comes out to be suplexed into the awaiting caltrops Emon had lain on the ground. Tragically, this kills the cultist.

The party attempts to venture inside, but Emon is quite unfortunate when he runs into the chest of one of the cultists coming around the corner. And interrupting the card game currently in progress between a third cultist, and a proper assassin from Emon’s old guild.

They do dispatch of the three, with some elaborate and intriguing but ultimately fruitless maneuvering by the assassin in the grip of Toro.

In the chest/dresser room they find dozens of robes, and trinkets belonging to the cultists, as well as a locked chest containing

220 Copper
120 Silver
50 Gold
10 bottle(s) of common wine (2 gp)
1 set of navigator’s tools (25 gp)
12 gallon(s) of ale (2.4 gp) (immediately consumed by Toro)

The assassin also had

17g 8s 7c

3 ass pois vials

Anyway, past that is another hall, as tall (25ft) as the rest of the sunken temple, depcting woad-tattooed figures in stances resembling the lettering before. Again, baffling but somehow comprehensible. More like remembering than understanding. Their dances, in concert with the background, tell a tale of a great calamity that befell a peaceful, pastoral society demanding a call to arms and the raising of a particular group to combat the fel influence on their people. The story ends there. The tone is quite somber.

Further past is an enormous chamber, taller than everything else so far, with a number of pillars arrayed in a circle around a downward spiraling staircase. Littering the floor are straw beds and cots, and in one a sleeping cultist. Whom they ambush for answers, and knock unconscious. He tells them the rest of the cultists can be found below. The go to descend when Torinn falls unconscious, again taken by visions. He’s caught by Toro when we fade to black.

To be continued next week…

Session 67: The cave beneath the temple

Descend into the water. Go through fracture in pillar below temple, fight through, see shakes, see holes, make it to end. #WhatEvenHappenedWePlayedForThreeHours

Session 66

Come back, try to make more plants, get impatient, head straight for docks, fight ensues, polymorph again

Session 65

Bring Grandmother back, make plans with archers, God stuff happens, end at tent and bird thing fighting angel thing

Session 64

Finish talking to illithid, head into city, talk to different generals and get news, barbarian goes to find grandmother

Session 63

Make it to The city, people are super scared, barrier is down, end in conversation with illithid, he’s gonna go talk with Zeiram to see about ending the conflict.

Session 62

Go to fight dragon, dragon escapes, get on ships and leave as Zeiram flys overhead.

Session 61: Ain't no Queen like a Spider Queen

Spider queen, kill spider queen, eggs, dig out hole, camp in hole


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