Session 29:

28 wake up in hydra room, barracks, traps fucking everywhere Salazar: “Jeremy, give me the tribute we brought for the elder brain.”

Session 28:

27 Betrayal at the Temple under the Sea. Soveliss: “Never change.” Salazar: “I learn polymorph soon.”

Session 27:

26 Head to temple Soveliss: “Can we be crabs on the flying carpet?”

Session 26:

25 Conversation with Marid “I spit inside you. I am part of you now.”

Session 25:

24 Penca Forest to Clepool “We fly up in the bats. And give them the middle finger.”

Session 24:

Begin in Tower Entrance, having defeated Barongo. speak with Melinoe, agree to help her get the violin. Be betrayed. Nearly die. Regret everything. Fuck.

Session 23:

23 Enter Shadowfell, make it through, fighting shadows. End in the tower entrance.

Session 22: Meet the new Bahamut. Actually quite different from the old Bahamut.
"Fucking Jeremy." --Everyone

22 Sleeping at hideout to meeting with Bahamut, explanation about Tiamat-Bahamut.

Session 21: Like Celebrity Cribs, but with ghosts and bandits.
"But did they have fun?!" --Salazar

Fight with ghosts to sleeping arrangements (crossing bridge, too, possible chuul fun)

Session 20: Ocean Closed Due to Dragon, Detour through Haunted Cave
Robin Williams: "It's not your fault."

20 Sailing to Wayvick, zeiram hench-dragon encounter, cave dungeon, bird interference, Thamond revelation, wake up ghosts


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