Session 43: Political Intrigue and Tentacles
"What did you do, Horgrim? WHAT DID YOU DO?!" --Everyone

Salazar leaves to meet with these mysterious benefactors. Their names being Jori, Zuri, Veigga and Domin. Along with the initial Sicfri, Frith and Bosi.

The seven dwarves (not intentional) listen intently while Salazar explains his intentions and designs for Barumila, giving a reasonably rousing speech effecting their approval of his claim. They believe that his rule is radical enough to shake up the support needed to unwedge their current stagnant political atmosphere. If we haven’t chosen a better dwarf in 20 years. Maybe it’s time to listen to a human. After all, they expand faster than we do anyway, eh? After a time Salazar asks them who should take over if he were to pass or give up the throne. That devolved into arguing, and it basically ended there. Salzar was given a dossier one 4 of Horgrims major house supporters. Turning at least 2 would give Salazar the momentum he’d need to get the others in line and win. This was not a sure thing. It’s a bold move that will need planning. But it could work.

Torinn meanwhile explores the Stockpiles below the main city of Barumila. It’s an endless warehouse that’s used for raw material storage, as well as rented by store fronts to store their goods. Protected by both magical means and guards. The DM actually came up with a whole system of runic registration, because feels that the dwarves are exactly the type who’d prefer the methodical approach. Maybe gnomes, certainly some humans. But definitely dwarves.

Soveliss visits a tailor and learns a lesson about regional economies. He walked in with a mix of magical and moderately priced apparel. He walked out in basic cloth tunics and trousers.

Salazar makes his way to Kahma, wanting her support in the upcoming political ugliness. She showed a shaky resolution to supporting her brother. At least that they should see what he had planned for Barumila. (DM Note: I wonder what she thinks of him now…)

Horgrim gathers his major supporters and the newcomers, his guests, to a small revealing of his plans. For the past two years he has been working at mining out the 7th floor of the fortress. I projected begun and abandoned over a dozen times since the founding of Barumila. As it turns out, the most recent kings “efforts” were actually a mask to hide the his true purpose. The construction of his magical advisor’s Orrery. A gateway between worlds. Unknown calamities, however, plagued that project as well. And at what seemed to be the projects completion, an horror was unleashed onto Barumila. The king and his entire court were devoured, and the plague was unleashed onto Barumila. The fortress has been falling into decline since.

BUT THAT’S ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE! Because Horgrim found the Orrery. Tested it a couple of weeks ago, seemed to work fine. And bam, now he has a plan to get rid of the plague forever.

Oh shit, that went badly. And no one knew it would. Instead of the world-changing demonstration of his discovery, there was a door shattering monstrosity bursting in to give hugs. It hugs the two guards by the door right away. Following that there’s some minor sinkholes, out of which some Dwarf Monsters pop out and start fighting the guards. Which isn’t a major problem except for the dwarven aberration plague communicable only by touch.

Everyone prepares, like, a major combat. Salazar instead polymorphs the thing into a sloth. They get the dwarven wizard Eyngvhar to demiplane it, informing him that it’s actually a huge monster and he should open it over the next volcano he encounters.

We return to the Orrery where our heroes Soveliss and Torinn are deciding how to handle its destruction, when suddenly time freezes for a week.

End session.

Session 42: I came, I saw, I derailed.
"I am your king." --Salazar

Kahma leads us to Barumila. Find awesome bridge with mural of dwarven history. Not that it matters who created the dwarves, Sean.

Jarrett gets text message and conversation with mysterious “V” insues. Party determines V is crazy after a short period and we proceed into Barumila. Lethargic guards barely stand up to greet the visitors.

Met Horgrim and learned Kahma is royalty with a rough familial relationship with the current Regent. Delivered the urn. Delivered the a-. Delivered the ax-… Delivered the… Delivered the OH GOD COME ON.

Soveliss sleeps. Torinn tours the plague ward. Salazar receives a mysterious note from coup instigating benefactors.

Session 41: The DM talks a lot.

We spend time figuring out how this magical barrier works. Torinn finds that the spell is a combination of abjuration and something not belonging to one of the primary schools.

We break in, find the long dead dwarves. Read a letter. Learn that Bhoro is an asshole, and some dwarf chick found a book that had the instructions to recreate this barrier. Eternal something. Also found the Urn of Not Andraste. And an axe. Nothing special. Also some kind of fire bottle, I guess. No big.

They begin to leave the fortress through a side entrance that turns out to be related to the dead end we were futzing about with earlier. Oh shit, tearing down that barrier let the demons escape. We ran. Oh shit, weren’t there levers we could pull to seal off the place?


We head back to town, and split up with the promise of heading to Barumila at first light. And now we spend some time in the Library. Investigation begins, and the DM talks too much about the barrier and what it means.

We also look up poisons. We look up Slaads, we look up mountain titans. Players deduce that the barrier spell is meant to undo a Godly decree.

We leave the library and are assaulted by previously disguised guards under Mayford’s command.

End session.

Session 40: The Fire Below

Chasme, dead-end/trap, evil hellscape, running through dungeon, minor combat, nalfeshnee, Balor rising, Jeremy briefly dies, end at Spell Riddle.

Session 39: Dey Turk Er Jurbs

Having spent more time examining this altar than they liked, they decided some things are best left unknown, and departed, heading east into a room that would turn out to be a former workshop, as well as current home to a pair of Glabrezu.

The pair of Glabrezu attempt to use illusions and charms to trick the party into a deal, however they are able to thwart all the demons’ attempts. Having failed at subterfuge, the demons fall back to their baser nature, and attack. They manage to kill one, and defeat the other who surrenders before death. In pleading for his life, he gives up information about the Nalfeshnee boss, as well as a small piece of the history of Demons/Devils. The party is convinced leaving him alive is too great a threat, so they determine to kill him instead. He attempts escape, hearing that, but fails and is killed.

The party continues exploring the ruin, eventually finding a hall that has been recommissioned for a demon hellscape. And what would be inside? Except an invisible, sleeping Chasme.

End Session.

Session 38: Yeah, goblins. Just goblins.

Head back into cave, fight through goblins (easy sauce), make it to dungeon, go through hospital, steal dwarven armor for Jeremy. Fight hezrous, too. Discover opening to
Hell. Turn back, find dretches. Kill them. Ponder altar.

Session 37: Daring Damsel Dwarf in Distress

Head off in morning to cave. Head into cave. See ruins. Fight goblins. Find hole. Fight off more goblins and trolls. Wake Kahma up. Find her backpack of stuff. Repair leg.

Session 36: Mayor Mayford's Major Malintent

Buy Robe of Eyes. Sell some other stuff, buy some stuff. Jeremy sends gold to family. Head to Brightbell Ward to Meet with Giles. Head to see mayor. Learn about stuff,
make deal, head to sword dealer, make deal about saving dwarven damsel.

Session 35: Post Traumatic Shopping Detour
"I want to summon Tenser's Floating Disc right at dick level." --Salazar

We enter Breyheath. We go shopping. Soveliss is robbed. We give chase. Salazar goes for the dick shot. Success. Soveliess chases the bag down the alley. He’s assaulted by two poisoned bolts. They run. The fight continues. Torinn summons bats, turns into a snake and begins climing. Salazar is put down by two more bolts. Soveliss lags out outside. Jeremy hoists and heals Salazar.

Eventually they fix the situation, but the guards having seen it all require they show themselves to the Mayor. Mayor Mayford, at his manor. Mayor Mayford’s Manor.

The party learns they’re being tracked, and the would-be assassins actually weren’t supposed to attack anyway.

With the news of the imminent arrival of dozens more equal or stronger assassins, the party makes quick haste.

To the magic stores. With the intent on diving into the Labyrinth later.

A Non-Zorro Sword Dancer engages Soveliss who ends up challenging him to a contest. A possibly crazy robe saleswoman shows three out of four possible sides (Moonrise, Mideve and Moxy). She has a special robe, but it’s a mite too expensive.

End scene.

Session 34: The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Gorge
"I don't know, guys. What dooo griffins eat?" --DM

Follow the river south, they said. It’ll be fine, they said. It’ll take you right to Breyheath, they said.

Oh, sure. And we even got a horse out of it?

Also mentally assailed by Skull Tower (I’m sure nothing bad will come of that.)

Attacked by more than a dozen hungry griffins? (Saved the horse by turning it into a sloth and summoning some other fey spirits to be torn to shreds as horses.

Then went through what one wizard called, “Satan’s Asshole”. Attacked by dozens (though we only focused on one battle for brevity’s sake) of Arach`Nura. (Black Swamp Spiders with Scorpion Tails).

Eventually we make it to Breyheath. No big deal!

(There were some dreams or something. We saw Melinoe again. Probably not important.)


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