Session 17: Fashion Week - Mithloriand
And Jereziah kills a person.

17 Shop in mithloriand, deal with jereziah stuff

Session 16: Aboleth? Aboleth. AAaabboooolleeetthhhh. bAloteh.

│ ┤ ╡ ╔ ╩ ╦└ ┴ ┬ ╕ ╣ ║ ╝ .hhhhhhttttteeeeeelloooooobbbaaaaaaaaA╜ ╛ ├ ╠╢ ╖ ╕ ╣ ║ ╝ ╜ ╛ ┐╔ ╩ ╦ ╠ └ ┴ ┬ ├ ═ ╬ └ ┴ ┬ ├╧ ╨ └ .hhhhhhttttteeeeeelloooooobbbaaaaaaaaA┴ ┬ ├╤ ╥└ ┴ ┬ ├ ╬ ╧ ╨ ╤ ╥╠╩ └ ┴ ┬ ├╦ ╠ ═.hhhhhhttttteeeeeelloooooobbbaaaaaaaaA ╬ └ ┴ ┬ ├╧ ╨ ╤ ╥ ╕ ╣ ║ ╝ ╜ ╛ ╕ ╣ ║ ╝ ╜ ╛╙ ╘ ╒ ╓ ╫ ╪ ┘ ┌ ╛ ┐ ╕ ╣ ║ ╝ ╜ ╛ └ ┴ ┬ ╕ ╣ ║ ╝ ╜ ╛├ ─ ┼

Session 15: Chasin' the ravin' cavemen.
Jereziah - "This probably won't cut me in half. Let's do it."

Start – Demon ritual and minotaur
Middle – Jereziah lowers into a hole
End – Madness, giant snakes, ducks

15: fight demon, stop big statue demon, hole in the floor, wandering, ooze, fight halluxinations, end

Session 14: This fuckin' cave, man.
"Conservatard!" -- Salazar

More Incoming.

14: sea elven horde, cave, jeraziah, more priests, priest leader, end at demon

Session 13: Get crunk and spelunk.
I throw a spear at the mushrooms... Yeah, I'm sure." - Gehmi

13: go through cave, discover mushrooms mushrooms, fight lizardmen, one-shot leader, end at sea elven horde

Session 12: Suniskali is Sea Elven for Innsmouth.
"Because I'm smarter than everyone here, I just grab an amulet." - Salazar

12: go to Suniskali, find empty town, head to cave, fight lizardmen and decipher amulets, end in cave entrance room

Session 11: Prophecy, Prophet-Do
"Is she looting this place? That's fine." - Soveliss

11: go to manor and loot manor, take white horse wagon out of city, make it to fishing village, travel back to mithloriand, contact Enchanter’s Guild, commission magic items, accept suniskali contract

Session 10: Everything goes according to plan.
"Fuck this wizard." - Salazar

10: go back to sewers, talk to wizard, head to central park, torinn and Hedwig fly into courtyard, shot down by magic, cure tree, end with spreley in mild ruins

Session 9: Always Trust Crazy Hermit Wizards in Sewers
"I shit in the hall outside his door." - Torinn

09: go through sewers, meet wizard, go to drowned District, head into underground passage, end on a boat above water pretending to be prisoners

Session 8: Spreley: The Detroit of Vorrond.
"That's it. I've had it with this fucked up town." -- Salazar

So the party arrives in Spreley and are immediately greeted with religious zealots on every street, hostile guards, and wanton murder.

To top it all off, nearly the whole city is terrified of, or hates, magic.

So after nearly being jailed for shopping for a magic potion, the party decides “Fuck this shit, I’m out of here.” Using a “Pass Without Trace” spell. Unfortunately that somehow interacts with a curse placed on the city itself, and the party find themselves looking up at a shadowy demon that overlooks the entire city.

They figure, “Goddammit… fine. We kill the demon, then we get the fuck out of this city.”

They begin heading straight toward the city palace where it appeared the demon was lurking. But before long guards appear to be coming from the opposite direction, and the party overhears that the guards are looking for them. They duck into a nearby temple for refuge, and conveniently find a priest who hates the city’s new regime. He informs them of how things got this way, of a coup around half a century ago, and that it’s been downhill ever since.

Around the time the church is preparing lodging and temporary bedding for the weary heroes, there’s a knock at the door.

It’s the town guard. Accompanied by what will become known as a Blackguard.

The heroes barely survive the fight, only living through Salazar’s wit and a really nice roll on a sleep spell.

Before more guards can show up, the priest directs them through a hidden entrance into the city’s sewers. They bind and grab one of the sleeping guards to take with them and interrogate, and descend into the sewers.

End Scene.


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