Session 98: "Voreceredolus" means "Mind-eating Trickser".

Figure out Voreceredolus is an illusion. Take Astrolabe and staff. Stow staff in bag of holding. Abuella agrees to put out feelers for people looking to join Adventurer’s Guild. Even though meeting is in three days (It’s the 7th of Koshbar, meeting is on the 10th), they head with Astrolabe off to Barumila. We see Thosk, Vosk’s nephew.

We learn the truth about what the Kalashtar are, and who they are. The Kalashtar are souls somehow crossed over from the previous dream. They don’t fully belong, and ride alongside souls from this world, attached.

Thosk then says the Orrery is a location device, and with the Astrolabe, they can find, for real Vosk. In the warrens.

They try, they temporarily activate it, and they see a desolate grey world devoid of color or life.

Not long after, however, something breaks through. Something tears a whole. A disgusting thing of tentacles and eyes. We end there.

Session 97: A Tale of Two Cities
Emon -- They need us more than we need them.

The five shamans of Aedyr

begin encircling the tree and chanting in unison “Mallaithe Crann”, meaning (more or less) “The Cursed Tree”. As they continue to chant, the air around the tree stills and grows colder, and the tree begins to shrink and darken. More and more the tree recedes and shrinks, and as it shrinks the ropes and binds loosen and the bodies begin to fall off. As the tree shrinks, the bark darkens, congeals, and sloughs off in black gooey clumps. The tree eventually regresses and shrinks down to disappear beneath the swampy pile of black goo and bodies.

After it disappears, the shamans stop circling, turn toward the center, raise their hands, and incinerate the whole pile. The goo burns hot blue and white, and the bodies are incinerated. When all is done, one of the shamans step forward, digs through the center and removes a small tree sapling, normal for all but it’s black color. Shaking the dirt from its roots, the shaman swallows the sapling whole, and all five leave.

This last part perplexes the party seriously, and inquiring about it they learn the shamans are powerful naturalists, and believe in their responsibility to hold “evil” within them as vessels to keep it out of the world. Making them all feared, revered, and cursed. The party then sets out burying the corpses. With torinn summon 8 giant badgers and turning into one himself, and with the others helps, the party is able to bury all of the bodies within the long hour it takes. It’s a somber, macabre task. Sweat and skin is spent digging, all to bury over 30 corpses. All dead for nothing but resembling the party. The sobriety of that fact is not lost on them.

They take off next to finally see Duke Auburn.

This is the first time they’ve been to the Vaneer Estate. And it is… garrish. Wealth on unabashed display. Once allowed entrance (which happens immediately as it seemed they were somehow expected) they find the inside to be no more humble. And after being offered, like, cucumber sandwiches on golden platters, Duke Auburn arrives dressed… appropriately. Whoosh redresses himself to match and after some cordial introductions, Auburn asks to speak to Emon in private.

They move to Auburn’s library/study where a single girl in the corner is playing wine glasses with varying amounts of water, just for ambiance. Auburn insists they can speak openly here.

Emon makes the demand that their property be returned, and the interference of the Thieves’ Guild end. Auburn says that he deals with the Guild but does not control them. He used to be involved with them in some capacity, but has since separated himself from their direct operation. He was made aware of their intentions regarding House Themorinn, but does not have the influence to make demands. However, he might be able to convince them to end their “feud”. He promises to do what he can.

Next, Auburn lays out that he is aware of an issue to come up at the next Council meeting, that of Themorinn’s need to choose a House Lord as requirement towards “official” status. That being the case, between Toro, Torinn, Tharious, and Emon, Auburn would much rather have Emon at the head of a new house, someone he could deal with more… amicably. Right? Emon says he’ll talk with his companions about it.

Finally, Auburn says he has something else he wants to ask. He’ll trade information for a favor. Emon isn’t buying it, so presses to know the favor first. Auburn responds with “I’m a man who knows the worth of things, if I say you want this information, trust me… it’s worth it.” Emon resists anyway, and presses to know the favor first.

Auburn considers, and decides to tells him. First, he orders with just a snap of his fingers for his winge-glass playing attendant to leave. And he walks over to his fireplace and manipulates an odd iron sphere. A moment later a sort of “thick” green light encompasses them. It adds an almost imperceptible echo to their words, and slight after-image trail to their movements. “Better to avoid prying eyes.”

Auburn reveals his desire. He wants a sword stolen from the Prince of the Summer Court, Damh, son of Titania and Oberon. The sword is Orion, The Master Sword. It commands respect from all magic weapons in an unknowable way. No magical weapon can strike the wielder of Orion. They avert, or resist enough to make the attack completely ineffective. Auburn wants this weapon.

Nothing big.

As Auburn finishes his proposal, Emon takes a moment to consider. And says no. They’re Lords, not henchmen. And in addition to that, Emon doesn’t do that sort of work anymore. Therefore the answer is no. He tells Auburn that he’s lived a life of brutality (savagery? danger? I can’t remember) that Auburn wouldn’t be accustomed to, and so Auburn shouldn’t press Emon on this. Auburn, however, only smiled. His skin grew blue. His body grew, muscles bulged. Hair grew white, nails grew to claws. Eyes took on a yellow glow. Who knows what this beast is that took Auburn’s place, but he reaches out and grasps Emon by the skull and….

Auburn lays out that he is aware of an issue to come up at the next Council meeting, that of Themorinn’s need to choose a House Lord as requirement towards “official” status. That being the case, between Toro, Torinn, Tharious, and Emon, Auburn would much rather have Emon at the head of a new house, someone he could deal with more… amicably. Right? Emon says he’ll talk with his companions about it.

Auburn nods, bows, and bids Emon farewell, and thanks him for his time. Emon returns the pleasantry and leaves, all memory of the latter part of that meeting gone entirely. No trace.

They take the back alleys home

to avoid the attention they’ve been garnering. Sometime into the walk, however, they hear the familiar sounds of a fight, a scuffle. They deliberate on whether it’s their problem or not, and decide to check it out. Peeking around the corner they see a handful of Rosalia’s men surrounding an indiscernible figure on the ground. Whoosh takes this moment to exhibit what he’s capable of. Two of the men he incapacitates in a single shot each, but the third he misses. Or appears to. The arrow flies at a whistle around to strike the tallest of them in the head, knocking him out cold with a walloping arrow.

The remaining two run off and the party lets them. They march up to the incapacitated two, crippled and crawling away. One cowers and is unable to answer basic questions, another mocks up some courage and manages to actually hold up a shaky sword to Emon. I’m blanking now on what happened next, but it ended with the Rosalia guard dropping his sword and trying to crawl away again. Some further intimidation stops their movement.

The party’s attentions turn toward the unconscious man on the street. They notice now he’s beat to near death, and decked out in House Auburn guard regalia. They heal him and help him up. He stands, bleary at first, but swiftly regains himself. And the first thing he does start kicking the unconscious Rosalia guard a bit in the head. Then he introduces himself as Brobin.

The party moves into interrogation trying, back and forth, to determine the truth from these rivals. It proves tedious to work out the details, as each only wants to reveal as much as makes their actions justified. But apparently pre-existing tensions erupted at a nearby tavern, The Leaky Bucket, a common hangout for some of the guards of both houses. A fight broke out between the two and ended sourly, particularly for the Auburn men. They retaliated and ended up putting someone named Kathil in the hospital. And the attack on Brobin was in response to that.

Hearing these squabbles baffled the party, so they ask, “How dare you behave this way when the city needs you now more than ever to protect them and stand together?”

To which Brobin incredulously responds for all three guards, “Protect? Protect!? Have you seen what’s out there? An army of undead! There’s nothing to protect, this city is doomed. So many have left already, I’m earning double what I used to. I’m staying only just long enough to make enough for my family to leave and we’re out of here.”

It seems, the party realizes, the city is worse off than they thought.

Finally reaching their house, Tharious receives a guest.

Amasiah Archibald, the Pope-Equivalent of the Acropolis and Pelor faith, comes personally with his guard to speak to Tharious. A plain couple of requests. One, they’ve heard of Tharious’ giant flaming candle ball, and given the emotional/mental state of the city, and given that the Summer festival of Solar Crest is only a few weeks away, the church would be honored to hoist Tharious’ creation above the Acropolis itself, not only as a monument to Pelor, but a symbol of hope to the people of the city. No greater purpose. Tharious agrees. Next, Archibald informs Tharious that nothing could be more important to the Pelorian faith than having a second Faithful house in the city to further the message and word of Pelor. Nothing could possible be more important, the celestial purpose meaning more than the terrestrial. And Tharious represents that hope amongst the four “lords” of House Themorinn. Therefore, when they decide who will be lord, Archibald tells Tharious that it must be him.

And so after Archibald and his company departs, the party holds a meeting.

The purpose was simple. Share the information they’ve received and make a decision about Lordship.

They share finally that Shiek Zahran, Duke Auburn, and Amasiah Archibald have all approached different members to suggest a different house lord. What they do about that will be up to them.

Next, the state of the city. It is plainly far worse off than they previously believed. It is here the party realizes that whatever their opinion of the party, they plainly need the party’s abilities more than the party needs the money and property.

More discussion is had about the nature of what this will look like. Emon also begins to discuss his proposal for turning the house into an Adventurer’s Guild. The house they inherited had The House of Sulphur, a major exporter and manufacturer of alchemical supplies, and it held the docks. But Emon’s idea would supplant the local Harlequin Blade, and be a pressure to local houses to “behave” or else their populace would lose the otherwise free access to House Themorinn’s benefits.

Whoosh expresses disbelief that the legendary “RAVEN” has turned into a tax-debating, lord-meeting, house-managing… noble. He brings up the information he has collected on a safe house of The Diamond Hand and Raziel specifically, only to be floored to learn Emon already killed Raziel. Though still, is he even still seeking revenge on the assassin’s who stole his family and life? Emon basically says, “Relax, I promise I’m still that guy. I’ve just grown up to do this, too. The guild’s days are still numbered.”

They’re about to continue the conversation, when they’re interrupted by a suddenly vertical purple line appearing middair. It bows out in the middle and grows large enough for a person to fit through. A particular person, in fact. An illithid person. One who looks a lot paler than last they saw him, with decaying skin, his robes tattered and spattered with the weird purple blood of the illithid.

It is Vorceredolus. Their… “Friend” is definitely the wrong word. But someone who has helped them sort of before. Though also killed Jeremy, and had dealings with Grimjaw.

His raspy, sharp voice enters your mind as a desperate expression marks his unnatural face.

We need to talk….”

jeremy and the codex terra gnosis

“Thane” is decided as the name of the “lord” of House Themorinn.

I don’t know why but somehow we decided that the man who makes tiny umbrellas for drinks has already abandoned Lere and is living in Atbluff. I have no idea how that came up.

Shra is gone when they get back, having left for his homeland to continue his own research.

Session 96: It's Survival in the City
Only Happy Things Grow on Trees.

Hans delivers the morning news.

1. Aashir needs to see them

2. The docks are dry. Somehow the ships aren’t coming in.

3. Someone handed them a note. Thieves Guild Mark.

They head down to the vaults immediately. Despite the ostensible magical protections and otherwise complex lock, half the gold is gone. And Abuella appears to inform them that another Guild Mark was left behind.

They head to the docks.

They find Tritons, some myrmidons led by a civilian ambassador, Marrilus. Vodos leaves with Marrilus entourage and Myrmidons. Thrawn is a threat, and the Tritons must prepare for what is out there (Zeiram). He takes the earrings, conch, and chuul with him.

Interrogating Witicker, the dockmaster, they learn the ships just aren’t coming. And the thieves guild presence here is gone as well. They head to Ottomon Quay.

There they find a warehouse where Hugo, the scarred dwarf is operating like he did in the waterways below the Themorinn docks. He informs him that he gave the message to the rulers of the thieves guild, whoever they be. And the docks and vault robbery was their reply. Also he says if they’re itching for a fight, it’ll do them no good here. The enforcers here are all street rabble employed on peanuts, just doing as ordered. Same as Hugo.

So then, Hugo suggests speaking to some of the players “friends in high places”.

Off to Lord Auburn they go. Er, I mean back to their HOUSE they go, with plans to see Auburn later (Joe had to leave).

On the way back, there is a jingling sound in the alley they take to avoid public attention. Then a whoosh… then… a goddamn big black bipedal bird. And it tackles Emon. Where once stood Emon is a cloud of feathers, and Emon is on the ground… smiling. Ew.

Anyway, the bird introduces himself as an actual whoosh sound, nice. So they call him Whoosh, and Whoosh is his name.

They stop by the house to orient themselves and find a clean path to Shiek Aashir Zahran, and meet with him first.

Aashir appears with Rochelle again, his uncle still out of the picture. He’s also accompanied by two very uptight, well-dressed high elves. First, he congratulates them on the good work their doing. The undead numbers around Lere seem to be dwindling. So… good news? I’m sure it’s good news… He introduces himself to Whoosh with a compliment, and gets a weird anime sigh in return. He doesn’t know what to do with that so he just grabs Torinn and walks away.

Then he makes his motives for their visit clear.

1. He is going to be proposing the Tribunal Populi. A council of 3 elected public officials that will represent the people, to be a voice not of nobility, but purely democratic power. They’ll vote at council meetings, and be empowered to make some regulatory decisions on their own regarding grain, etc. Decisions that currently are made almost exclusively by House Lere.

2. He wants Torinn to know that eventually, as part of being made “Official”, they will need to select a real leader/lord of House Themorinn. And that leader will be expected to have a lineage, if you know what he means. Bow chicka wow wow. Without it, their “legitimacy” as a proper Noble HOUSE will be called into question, and they permanence of their leadership will be denied, their ownership revoked. Aashir wants Torinn to know that he wants Torinn in charge, that Torinn has demonstrated the strongest morals and care and compassion.

Aashir then informs the party that he’s having a feast to honor the guests from Cadale, elven diplomats sent to broker a deal for aid from Cadale. The elves send aid against the undead, and in return they get a stake of Lere, or a seat at the council, who knows. Something. Some hook into the governorship of Lere.

With that meeting concluded, they head outside to the refugee camp to see what aid they can lend there. Knowing that 4k of their own gold a week is being sent out, and that basically every cleric and druid in the city and Aedyr is out making food, the party wants to know what they can do to help.

Before they can make headway in the chaos of the burgeoning tent city, they are ushered by two panicked wood elves into the woods a few miles west of town. Only that they must see something.

And something it is. When they finally arrive, around midday, they see…. something horrible.

Already surrounded by various druids and shamans of Aedyr both sanctifying the place and debating whether or not to burn it to the ground (also arguing over what this omen means), the players see a tree. The elves couldn’t have known its significance until they see the characters walk up. Emon, Tharious, and Torinn, anyway.

Lashed, staked, bound, and tied to this tree from root to stem, every inch, are about 3 dozen bodies in various macabre configurations, all mutilated so that their stomachs are ripped open and the jagged torn skin and bones are contorted to form crude, hideous mouths. And every single corpse either bares a horrifying remarkable similarity to one of Emon, Torinn, or Tharious, or have been dressed up to achieve that goal.

Torinn sees, however, one more thing. A floating golden orb of light, just like that one that was seen in the temple. It moves to greet Torinn as Torinn approaches is, and as Torinn angrily addresses the orb, it tils and bobs in a fashion that could only be interpreted as laughter, then it disappears into the open stomach wound of one of the Torinn doppelgangers and disappears.

In the silence that falls over the whole glade as the players approach their mutilated look-alikes, we end the session.

Session 95: Exits and Entrances
Vodos -- "Nope, nope, nope... nope. Nope."

They leave, no big deal. There are some orcs with a weird black dragon head and black wing standard that they haven’t seen before. Emon’s sure it’s new.

They come across this dude with red eyes and no visible face and just black, evil, armored dude. They recognize this as the general of Zeiram, but kill him with little to no resistance. Pansy.

They slaughter a few more orcs and come across another such armored figure. Oh, well… Ok, I guess he wasn’t the general. but still.

Then a challenger appears, wielding the greatsword Dragnipur. Green energy and black soul streams swirl around it. Dry, leathery dead lips skin peels back in a snarl/smile around sharp teeth and black. Enter Machtig.

This is a no go, and the players bail the fuck out after getting hit by a goddamn death fire ball and him throwing a temper tantrum when he hears the Eye is gone. The players hide in a cubby until he passes then run the fuck out. On the surface are more blackguards, more orcs, and what looks like an orc chieftain. Honestly they’re not worried about being able to kill these guys, but they can’t afford the time sink, and choose instead running through a goddamn tree to get out of there. The horses, wagons, and supplies are left behind. (Nothing noteworthy, just some lost gold in food, etc.)

Back home, they rest. That night Emon offers the eye to the Raven Queen who’s happy to learn Vecna’s Archons will not regain their throne anytime soon, as that would pose a greater threat to the Raven Queen’s reign over the Shadowfell (which she battles Vecna over).

In the morning, Torinn holds a “trust” meeting, establishing the importance of trusting each other, and Adhara is pulled away by the Archangel Azreas. He wants to know what the party heard from Omen, but doesn’t want the party to know they’re being watched. He wants Adhara to keep an eye out as a result.

End of session.

One-Shot 5: Glenbrook Guards
Who let these men be guards?

Urreek, Foigo, and Zeke are summoned early (11am) by their captain Jonathon to the house of the local merchant’s guild representative, Tafeld. He’s hosting these new guys who have been running around town preachin’ and prayin’ on people with their strange new religion.

They ostensibly want the guards to escort them around, but while the lunch happens at Tafeld’s house, Vosk starts asking a lot of strange, weird questions about the town. And after a while seems convinced of something. “All right then, you know what? How about you escort us back to the temple, instead?” he says.

That’s when Tafeld freaks out and tries to run away. One of the cultists activates his mana and sends everyone else in the room to sleep.

The party wakes up hours later in Tafeld’s wine cellar, bound and gagged.

Breaking some wine bottles and using the shattered glass, Urreek frees himself and then the others. And they begin working on escape. They find Tafeld’s daughter, Lilly, scared and hiding in the bedroom. They comfort and hide her, and promise to be back. Later they find some toys and a kid scrawled run away note and take it all back to her for extra comfort.

In Tafeld’s desk they find a note that gives them the likely location of the cultists temple (“Moonfell Lake”) and combined with Lilly’s description of it as “the muddy place”, they’re pretty sure that’s where they need to head. They also fund some “Lusty Lizardfolk Maid” smut in the desk and Tafeld’s bedroom but whatever, don’t judge him. He’s a single father on the road.

So off they go, but there are some cultists guarding the exit. Jeanette, Trevor, and Nick. Sadly Nick kill himself in a burning web. Trevor and Jeanette they subdue and put in the barracks, along with Lilly, before heading off to find the temple.

Outside the temple they see a group of five cultists surrounding a sixth who is playing Zeke’s banjo. He swiftly sneaks behind the group and snatches the banjo out of their hands, making a wild threat, which a couple of the Third Dream cower to. A fight ensues, The group is summarily whooping the cultists until one transforms into a… thing. That fight proves deadlier. Zeke falls to the beast, only saved by Foigo later pouring a potion down his throat. They barely make it, but defeat the beast and head inside the small temple to find their captain.

Inside they find the temple to be near empty, and are easily able to sneak by the few inside, and make it to the main chamber where they find the tail end of some ritual. Standing in the center of the group is Tafeld, decomposing around everyone in radiant blue energy.

Vosk is there, making some speech about some shit, when he brings forth the captain forward. The captain seems different, and before their eyes vows loyalty to Vosk. In exchange Vosk provides the man with a small black crystal like they’ve seen before. Zeke doesn’t like it, and shoots it in the captains hand. This has the unfortunate (but probably expected) outcome of shattering the crystal in his hand, releasing the energy which absorbs into Jonathon.

Vosk begins his approach toward the party, which Urreek retaliates to with a rapid flurry of attempted spells, though it seems difficult perform the incantation. Finally Urreek in his panic succeeds, but even then it hardly affects Vosk at all. At a gesture from Vosk, a psychic power assails the guards. Only Foigo resists the assault, only to watch Urreek and Zeke step forward to the pool in the rear of the chamber and kneel before the creature. The rest of The Third Dream begins to approach Foigo, who just… runs.

He runs back to town only to see that Vosk’s claim has already begun. The town itself is ablaze with blue witch fire, and off on a far edge of town he sees maybe 2 or 3 dozen of his neighbors and friends kneeling before a group of cultists and accepting their own robes.

Foigo remembers Lilly, and bravely charges through the burning town to get to the barracks. He runs into, however, Ms Layton, a chubby little halfling, normally a really nice old lady, now an azure flaming demonic looking chick torching the house of a teenager who’d steal her flowers for his girlfriends.

He dodges out of the way of her blast and makes it to the barracks, retrieving Lilly. On escape a blast of fire strikes the barracks, sending the roof collapsing down on Foigo. He saves Lilly, but at the cost of his leg. Popping the last of his healing potions for his pain, he limps out of town with the girl and heads north, leaving Glenbrook to the torch, and Vosk, his Third Dream now bolstered.

Vosk’s Speech

God of Oaths, bear witnes and see this man has kept his word, true to his last breath, full to his blod’s last drop. Keep his soul in your Memory until the time of our rebirth, and regard him among your Favored. Let his life be kept as confession, and his death remembered as absolution. May he walk in the new world ever free of the weight of sin.
Your brother has done his part. I will accept no further hesitation from the rest of you. In the sight of the God Who Dreams, will you fulfill your oath? Will you take your place in destiny beside your brother in the endless esteem of His Memory that is without flaw? Step forth, and be assured of the great worth of your life’s course!
Session 94: The Art of Making New Friends
And Keeping Old Ones

We head downstairs. There’s a tense conversation first about the melted snow piles. Vodos demands retribution for the slain heroes in the room, but Melinoe brushes off his concern with the fact that they weren’t real, just simulacrums. His concern with their dealings with horrifying goddamn demons grows.

Once downstairs they see the body of Nerazu. Torinn sees the field that’s keeping Nerazu from dying, and also Nerazu’s ethereal form, separated from his body but unable to leave. He’s just… skipping and singing something to himself.

The room is spotted with columns that reach to the ceiling, each carved with a relief of a different member of The Black Company who fought Nerazu.

That’s when Emon and Torinn notice it. The Eye of Vecna in the corpse of Nerazu. The reason they’re here.

Torinn is able to identify the spell, but Melinoe isn’t. Torinn takes Melinoe aside to ask about her intentions and get her story.

They’ve been shunned and cursed by Vecna for their shameful capture. Retrieving and returning the Eye is their ticket back into the good graces of their lord and “father”. She promises she has no plans for the prime plane at all save for revenge against Zeiram. Melinoe lets out that she has had to suffer the plight of being without purpose, shunned and exiled from the only place she calls home. Torinn understands all this and believes her, and makes a deal that he will let her have the Eye and she will help them against Zeiram.

However, Vodos and Emon don’t hear this, and Torinn doesn’t get a chance to tell them. And they see demons. And they don’t like it.

So despite having no reason to distrust Torinn up until this point, and despite his constant cries of “don’t do this” and “trust me”, and despite both Vodos and Emon being proficient in Insight… they do not believe Torinn and decide to ignore him. They steal the Eye, which works. But considering Melinoe has been obsessed with finding this for… since her release, and that she probably should have never have even stopped fidgeting with it long enough to pocket it in the first place (Bad DM), she swiftly realizes that it was taken. A brief combat ensues, and a further (clever) trick from Emon sees the “eye” (minor illusion’d smokebomb) returned. The Archons consider their debt (for being freed) repaid, (by not killing them all right here) and leave.

We end with sighs of relief from most of the party, and Torinn wondering why he would stay where he’s so clearly not trusted. And Emon having achieved his goal of acquiring the eye for his queen.

Session 93: Shopping

They enter into the room and engage the guards in conversation. They learn their names, Alladdar (female high elf wizard), Thrift (human rogue), and Jorgen (minotaur fighter). Jorgen seems to be the leader, he’s the “serious” one, anyway. Somehow, despite being 3,000 years old, they’re still here guarding this door.

They try to detect magic, and there’s magic. They try to remove curse, but there’s no curse. Eventually Vodos tries to teach them a game, but serendipitously because he rolls poorly and because technically they’re simulacrums and can’t learn, it doesn’t work.

They recognize these three from being the heroes that built this tomb and sealed the evil guy, and yet they can’t seem to negotiate a way past to the tomb (simulacrums, again, singular mission). They resign themselves to combat but non-violently, and just banish all three, which works.

No longer being on the plane, their guarded door opens and they pass through. A minute later it will close again.

However that’s no longer important. Because there is shopping to do.

In the corner of a 3000 year old tomb is a brand new wagon with bright lights and gaudy displays. A shapeshifting weird thing offers them trinkets, accompanied by a vexing, taunting nothic. An odd couple, to be sure. The merchant, “Knick Knack” seems to be “new” to these parts, and the Nothic seems to be his teacher. He can’t tell the party apart so well, and has some difficulty remembering their names and races.

But he has things he’s collected from across the planes, and a weird voice told him to come here and meet, so here he is!

Hanging on a rack are a pair of sea shell earrings Vodos has been looking for. Here, he learns the merchant has met with his brother, and that Thrawn is alive, sustained by some artifact. Whoops.

So there’s like 8 hours of shopping.

In the bartering, Emon produces one of the Slivers. This sets the Nothic off. He’s positively drooling, and freely trades away the best item out on the counter for it. It’s probably fine.

He also trades some info. It’s a crystal concentrated form of a magic from a different universe. It’s deadly to channel, since it doesn’t mix well with the Weave. It can kill a god.

Torinn shows the Nothic the bird, which he is unimpressed with at first, before realizing there’s another crystal in there as well, but of a different “type”. It’s then the Nothic’s turn to be possessed. Omen finally speaks.

He reveals he was once Vosk, uncle to Thosk of Barumila. He’s Kalashtar, a twin-souled. And that his second soul belongs to a being from the previous universe. The “vosk” they know is Caliban, a high elf who was once some sort of prized “pupil” to Vosk. He doesn’t explain more there. The gods hunt him for what he knows and is doing, but he can’t tell the party more or he puts them in danger. He hopes they’ll trust him whenever it comes time to make his request.

After that there’s some more shopping, and eventually the merchant leaves. Afterwhich the Archons led by melinoe emerge, and the guardians they met are gone, replaced by three melting piles of snow.

Session 92: The Tomb of Nerazu
"I roll to walk" -- rolls nat 1

Go through the tomb. Traps all triggered, skeleton bones everywhere.

Find coin trap, trigger it. Dispel annihilation void with nat 20.

Find source of voice and skeletons. Melinoe and her brothers, trapped on the side of a barrier. Party passes by.

Go through puzzles. Miss int chest. Get some masterwork tools and learn the tomb used to be under a disguising monastery which abandoned it millennia ago.

End at room with guardians somehow still alive after 3k years.

Session 91: The Road to Nerazu

Travel, meet the vampires. They reveal that they’re getting their shit together and bailing from the area. They like being in self-control and if they hang around Zeiram’s area of influence for long, they’ll lose that. They’re only this in control still because of their being well-fed and sustained on real life rather than just necrotic energy, which Zeiram commands. So away they go. In exchange for not killing them, they share a tidbit. Zeiram has some connection to the shadowfell still.

This was not explained well by the DM because the players were like, “Duh, we knew that.” When their reaction should have been, “Oh, shit, seriously? Why, didn’t we sever his connection?”

We’ll see…

Anyway we get to the place, and it’s just positively surrounded by undead. The guys think they’ll have to start cutting shit down when suddenly they all just stop moving weird and focus and all together say, “Torinn… so glad to see you.”

The undead just… let them pass. Creepy. But ok.

They head downstairs and… that’s where we left off.

Session 90: TBD
Uncle Dick's Catheter Lubricant.

Narezu the Necromancer barrow, or the mass grave. Here are the generals.

Who are your friends? Adhara just showed up, and Vodos is an ambassador from Tritonia for aid against Zeiram.

Beware dwarves bearing gifts, and elves.

Also, meet my new Master-At-Arms, Rochelle.

Cave trap disarming, take 12 traps, take 3487 gold.

Scorching Ray x2
Polymorph x2
Fear x2
Hold Person x3
Blight x1
Cloudkill x1
Cone of Cold x1


Leaving two traps behind to guard the tunnel, Hold Person and Cloudkill.

Consume all the potions, used the dagger.


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