Session 65

Come back, try to make more plants, get impatient, head straight for docks, fight ensues, polymorph again

Session 64

Bring Grandmother back, make plans with archers, God stuff happens, end at tent and bird thing fighting angel thing

Session 63

Finish talking to illithid, head into city, talk to different generals and get news, barbarian goes to find grandmother

Session 62

Make it to The city, people are super scared, barrier is down, end in conversation with illithid, he’s gonna go talk with Zeiram to see about ending the conflict.

Session 61

Go to fight dragon, dragon escapes, get on ships and leave as Zeiram flys overhead.

Session 60: Ain't no Queen like a Spider Queen

Spider queen, kill spider queen, eggs, dig out hole, camp in hole

Session 59:

Find spiders. Kill spiders. Kill more spiders. Kill more spiders.

Talk to spiders. Betray orcs. Kill orcs. Talk to party. Start fight with queen spider.

Split party.

Session 58: TBD

Stuff happened, chuul walls, meeting a naked man. Etc.

Session 57: Have boat, will Chuul.
"But he can teach Pelor to the other chuul?" --Justice

Assassins guys have eye(s). Got headstart back to Lere, might be there already.

We want to take the fastest route by boat to get to Lere. That conveniently happens to be a pass that we didn’t know existed until just now. BUT IT’S DANGEROUS.


Anyway, we go.

Oh, also chuul.

That’s… that’s basically it. That’s everything.

Travel. Chuul, name chuul, teach chuul pelor. Skip the waystation because the cleric can make enough food and water. Chuul.

Session 56: Morning of Mourning
"AYOOOOOO" --Steve

All kinds of stuff happens. Then there’s a boat.


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