Session 107: TBA
Seassion 106: Dark Clouds

We took care of more Wamor business.

Ulgrim’s Raiders now count 8, living in an abandoned tannery being repurposed to a new mercenary hall by Skeppy the gnome and his 14 children. It has been redubbed “The Raider’s Roughhouse.”

Torinn went to check in on renovations to the old House of Sulfur, the alchemical guild in Wamor. Reconstruction is going well, but there was something found below. A recently (within the year) dug tunnel leading to some sort of metal seal that matches that of the one in the center of the council chamber. Xiao seemed to have found it, but did not survive to uncover its truths. Torinn gave orders that no one else is to go down the tunnel or speak of it, and we’ll come back to that later.

Returning home we find… the menagerie. Whoosh has taken it upon himself to… acquire some new companions for the home, that have made their nest in the attic of Themorinn Manor. Hans has been adopted by a few cats, and there is also a pair of fire beetles, now.

We also learned that Zeiram had unfortunately been able to succeed in acquiring his old Dragon Guard High Captain, Brüwick. Naxus (archmage and headmaster of the university, and right-hand to Lord Rosalia) promised to find out what he could about the man and deliver more info. His diviners, however, tracked agents of Zeiram to another tomb. A buried ruin that had housed the remains of one of Zeiram’s broods. As Zeiram’s scouts have been more aimless recently and venturing further and further out, he feels this is likely Zeiram’s next target. Buried in the tomb will be dozens of royal dragoons, as well as the remains of Malachovorax, one of Ancalagon’s more twisted spawn.

On the heels of that, Torinn and Adhara flew several miles east to investigate in person an encroaching sinister cloud. However, in coming close enough to discern details and its nature, they also became targets for the spectral swarm that comprised the cloud. A terrifying miscellany of incorporeal undead broke from the cloud and pursued Torinn, and unfortunately proved faster than he was (in that form and carrying Adhara, anyway). The horrid wails pierced Adhara’s soul, and he fell victim immediately, falling off of Torinn’s back. 3 rounds of failed attempts to grab Adhara later, Torinn finally manages to get a hold of the Aasimar before hitting the ground, but gave the undead a chance to catch up. Right on their heels, they are saved by a miraculous appearance of Naxus and a cadre of mages. Naxus takes Torinn and Adhara to his private sanctum, an invisible sort of spytower floating high above the university (with vision of the whole city). He gives Torinn some ointment which Torinn pours down Adhara’s throat, tells them he thinks there’s something big and bad in the center of the cloud. He’s preparing his mages to form a defense over the water before they reach Wamor, but that you should prepare to handle the big thing. He sends Torinn back home to warn the others.

Session 105: City Daze

Rimay – Halfling “pirate-y” head of tent 67
BReastplate, shield (order from father-son blacksmith)
Torinn pays 1051 for crystal, yellow crystal, and glass cube
100 gold medical supplies to refugee
Furtha, angry, orphan
Ulgrim, 165 gold for shortbow, longbow, khopesh, longsword, daggers
Kahma on Naramunz dispute

Ulgrim: founded the Ulgrim Raiders. (Fyrtha, Leesam, Angor)

Torinn: Went spyin’ on Kahma and Fake Vosk.

Adhara & Tharious: Helped out a Rimay (halfling) at refugee tent 67. Encountered my favorite new merchant.

Emon: Did Emon things.

Whoosh: Made a bower.

Session 104: The meeting is over.

Meeting concludes. Lady Greymane is again missing. Governer Reynes steps down gracefully and does not give the position of Imperator to Stonebrook. Rosalia upsets Zahran by going against a motion of his. Afterward Rosalia is escorted off to speak with Zahran.

Session 103: You.

The party spends some time investigating the haul from Machtig.

The book is the ancient-est, evil-est book around. Or one of them. And also it literally eats through everything. It rots wood, turns stone to dust, withers cloth. It’s a pretty bad book. They bind it in the bag of holding.

The armor is pretty neat. Cursed for sure, but also pretty neat. It’s draconic armor, basically. Resistance to acid, and can sense the nearest dragon.

The sword… phooey. Whoosh touches it and is swallowed by miasma, dolly zoomed out of the room. He’s face to face with a giant skeletal face. It just breathes out the word “You…

He has trouble relaying this information, but the party eventually discerns that the sword is one that houses the last fragment of Nerull, the god of murder and death, before the Raven Queen and Vecna overthrew him.

Now it’s Whoosh’s. He spends some time getting used to it, before putting it also into the bag of holding.

Then they speak with Machtig’s corpse.

  • Did you serve willingly? No
    *Where did you get this sword? I don’t know
    *What was your last memory? Being risen, “Richter had failed”
    *how do we get into zeiram’s realm Well I had to die, so…
    *what do you want us to do with your body? Burn it, please, as befits an officer of the empire

It seems he wasn’t raised willingly, and didn’t know anything about it. While some of the undead seem to retain personality, some obviously don’t. No knowing for sure what the connection is.

They all sleep well that night, except Whoosh. Who has another dream of being swallowed by a black hole of bodies.

Session 102: Goodbye.

Fight Machtig. Nearly kills one person. Kill Machtig (Whoosh does). Gather up his armor, the book, his fucked up sword. Lara Vahl (gnome sorcerer) bails with the people she came to rescue. They head outside and take on the horde of skeletons. Immigrant Song plays. Skeletones die.

Afterward the communication stone they also took off of Machtig erupts in the dimensional pocket of the haversack. A voice comes through, “Machtig, hello?!” Whoosh attempts to immitate Machtig. It does not work. The stone goes inert.

Session 101: Hello.

The party is escorted to Rosalia’s palace. Where they meet Naxus, the Archmage of the University. He’s old, made a fart jokes, and he seems not to like Rosalia. The party instantly loves him.

Naxus and a few understudies turn the party into clouds where they rush to Fort Bracken. They meet up with a few living rangers and a gnome storm sorcerer.

They plan their entrance into the fort and use what remains of their cloud form to sneak in. It’s been sieged all right. Hundreds of undead are everywhere, and also Machtig. Before they entered, they see another. A mummy looking fellow in command of some scary looking skeletons. He leaves through a portal after giving Machtig some orders. It appears to be Allegemaine.

‘Inside the fort they race between the legs of the skeletons to find the survivors and commander, but no sign. The skeletons however meet up, thinking the clouds are the escaping survivors. And they’re about to tell Machtig when the party ambushes them.

Later they do find the survivors, and Fort Commander Warrick. They also find the reason for the undead assault. The Necronomicon. Rosalia’s mages working out of Fort Bracken found it and brought it here. Just as the party is about to head out and chastise Rosalia with an aberrant scream, Machtig breaks down the door.


Session 100: Meetings! Hooray!
Our special 100th session was talking.

There’s a meeting. First, after the party gets back the evening before the meeting. Premier Rosalia approaches and asks if they’ll offer support for his to be proposed lifting of the ban on necromantic research. It could be a major boon. The party disagrees and Rosalia leaves in huff.

The next morning the houses meet. It’s a huge procession. Fancy music, etc.

3 hours of talking later…

Lady Greymane is in attendance, but only speaks through one of her daughters. They propose making the elves of Aedyr official members of Lere, and it passes.

Rosalia proposes his lifting of necromancy, but no one bites.

Auburn invents insurance, and it passes.

Zahran proposes the Tribunal Populi, and it passes. As well as the motion to remove the Lere household from power, now that all their sovereigns are dead. Lere will officially become an oligarchy (it unofficially always was).

Stonebrook proposes they take the seat of Imperator. A temporary military position offered command of all the kingdoms fighting forces. The vote is abstained from all, except Governer Reynes. Before he can cast his vote, however, a runner comes. Fort Bracken has been attacked. The dead are on the move.

Session 99: Horgrim Has a Temper

Defeat the horror not too shabbily. Horgrim comes in, pissed, smashes the Orrery to pieces (a pretty bad offensive as far as dwarven love of good work is concerned) and takes Thosk into Custody. He also chews out and almost arrests the party. Kahma talks him down. Salazar later chews out people from the grave.

Real Vosk makes a visit and tells people that the Gods are hunting him, and soon they’ll be hunting the party. Just for knowing what they know. They’re a risk. But soon he’ll have work for them. For now, lay low, and do what the gods say.

Torinn discusses terms with Loch from Loch and Lodestones about a partnership and patronage.

Adhara and Ulgrim head off to Axe and Hammers to do a little personal shopping, wherein Adhara commissions a hella cool armor set.

Later that night, Adhara is again approached by Azreal, and told to keep an eye on the rest. To keep the astrolabe close.

Session 98: "Voreceredolus" means "Mind-eating Trickser".

Figure out Voreceredolus is an illusion. Take Astrolabe and staff. Stow staff in bag of holding. Abuella agrees to put out feelers for people looking to join Adventurer’s Guild. Even though meeting is in three days (It’s the 7th of Koshbar, meeting is on the 10th), they head with Astrolabe off to Barumila. We see Thosk, Vosk’s nephew.

We learn the truth about what the Kalashtar are, and who they are. The Kalashtar are souls somehow crossed over from the previous dream. They don’t fully belong, and ride alongside souls from this world, attached.

Thosk then says the Orrery is a location device, and with the Astrolabe, they can find, for real Vosk. In the warrens.

They try, they temporarily activate it, and they see a desolate grey world devoid of color or life.

Not long after, however, something breaks through. Something tears a whole. A disgusting thing of tentacles and eyes. We end there.


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