House Greymane

“Current” House Leader: Hircine Greymane
House Steward: Hircine’s son, Hjolmar Greymane

House Greymane trace their roots back into ancient druidic traditions. They display their heritage proudly, and their sigil is a bear claw with three claw marks on a black and dark green background. They contest Stonebrook for “oldest house”, but no one really knows.

Their current functional leader is a hairy, grizzled man, rarely tending directly to house matters. The true leadership is the matron, Lady Freya Greymane. Lord Hircine can usually be found on some hunt or another in Llantwe, the forest that borders Lere. Lady Hircine is known to be strict, but fair, and has the adoration of her followers. However, in the recent months since the attack on Lere, she has not been seen, leaving rumors to spread of her declining health.


House Greymane

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