House Xiao

Their Leader is Madame Xiao.
House Steward: Her son, Ji Xiao

The newest house, only founded 97 years ago.

Madame Wu Xiao rules House Xiao. She is the daughter of former ruler Chi Xiao and granddaughter of Xiao’s founding ruler, Mae Xiao.

The circumstances for their arrival are still mysterious, but the prior owners of most Xiao territory were the Clades family simply left, abandoning their territory and mansion over the course of a single month, signing full ownership over to Madame Xiao’s grandmother, Mae Xiao. Prior to this the Xiao family had a rare independent presence in Lere for a mere handful years.

Madame Xiao is known for both her beauty, and ruthlessness in business. Their sigil is a red flame on a black background.


House Xiao

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