House Zahran

Current House Leader: Aashir Zahran
Current Steward: Naomi al’Zahran
Former House Leader: Shiek Mehedi Zahran
Former House Steward: Mehedi’s brother, Junayd al-Zahran
House Militia: The Ghazis

House Zahran. The second youngest house. Led by Mehedi Zahran. He has one living son, Aashir al-Zahran, and one son who died valiantly in battle, Nezbin al-Zahran.

The Zahran family initially arrived as noble immigrants approximately 200 years ago and began their trade in camels, furs, and other textiles. While they are not the most powerful house in terms of economic or political influence, they used to maintain the strongest military muscle in Lere. Recently, however, Zahran’s Ghazi expedition force suffered a crushing blow, losing almost all of the remaining Ghazi fighters. What remains are the thirty or so which had been left behind for house guards, a few dozen of recruits, and the sole survivor of the fight, Selim.

Their sigil is three scimitars surrounding a shield, and they’re kind of badass.

Their Prince, Aashir, has recently disappeared.


House Zahran

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