Welcome to the world of Vorrond.

Act 1

Chapter 1

Vorrond is a wild, dangerous place. It is a relief to live in the Kingdom of Lere, under a divine barrier which protects the boundaries from intrusion or influence from the nastiest elements of the world. The barrier is promised to be sustained by a blessing on the Lere royal family itself. But that safety was threatened as the King laid dying, childless and with no living relatives. However, the king’s servants had discovered a solution. A powerful ritual which would lift the divine blessing and place its burden on another bloodline.

As time was of the essence, the King of Lere had made a proposal. Whichever house could provide all six components to a powerful ritual would earn their place as de facto rulers of Lere, the reward for ensuring the barrier’s survival. The successful house’s family becomes royalty, and lofty positions of power assuredly await those dedicated and able soldiers who risked their lives in acquiring the components.

Now, however, one of the parties sent out has discovered the truth. The barrier in fact has no relation to the Leresian bloodline at all, it simply exists. In fact, the ritual Lere’s noble houses rush to complete will in fact be the one thing to bring the mysterious barrier down.

Something lies under Lere, in a forgotten and strange temple previously buried in a pillar of rock, which now soars through the air boarded by our players. And a cult operating in secret seeks to use it to an end that would literally see an end to all of existence, every plane and realm. The incarnation of the memory of a god older than ancient, and so destructive and chaotic, it woke Ein Sof, the super-deity whose dream IS our reality. And if this cult isn’t stopped, it may happen again.

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This campaign is planned in three parts. The first is “A Spell for Lere”. The following pieces to be revealed as they come.


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