Session 6: Hey, Kobolds!

"Hallway looks clear to you." -- GM

Heroes wake up to a new dawn and begin the dangerous descent into the Volcano. Soveliss and Gehmi are joined by newcomers Torinn and Salazar.

Entering the cave they come to a non-natural wall, which Salazar takes to mean trap. Probing for minds on the other side, he discovers Kobolds lying in wait. The trap is thwarted, and the party cleans up the kobold, with one evading capture. The party gives chase through two rapped corridors and a room with a minor centipede problem, then into another hallway where they finally catch the Kobold. He informs them about the gelatinous cube trap which they are able to avoid, and head deeper in. They see the entrance to the volcano, but it is cut off, and a kobold marching army forces them into Ankheg tunnels. Pass Without Trace lets them pass through the tunnels with a trace. And they come into a man-made complex of masonry and stone.

The complex is empty, but it appears to be a temple to Alexstrasza, a draconic abbey.

The last and largest room is the nave of the temple. And standing there, praying, is a large Half-Dragon. Despite the two fire-breathing dragon statues at his command, he is defeated.


ZacharyGallagher ZacharyGallagher

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