Session 7: Dragon Eggs Benedict Arnold

"Et tu, Giant Evil Green Dragon?" - No One

The party battles and sneaks their war past an Azer and a few mephits and gets into the main room, where Aesbellator, Frostfang, Korialstrasz, Alexstrasza and Mallanox lay dead. With the last, Mallanox, apparently killed by the lone standing Sylvenim.

Sylvenim orders Torinn to finish the rest of them off. He hesitates, prompting Sylvenim to complete that task instead. He is (so conveniently) interrupted by a large, shadow-draped dracolich. Zeiram. Sylvenim makes for an egg and attempts to flee, but has his soul ripped from his body. The egg instead falls to the party who gather it, and upon request of Sylvenim, enter the “bag of holding” which is actually a teleportation item back to Sylvenim’s lair.

They spend some time looting Selvenim’s lair, making away with a few books.

They leave the forest.

Later that week on a rainy day the party finds shelter in an abandoned lighthouse. They discover it served as temporary transport for smugglers, turned to stone. However, they’re able to pinpoint the location of a nearby city. Spreley.

They head on their way to Spreley, to find transport back East.


ZacharyGallagher ZacharyGallagher

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